Is Performance Marketing Worth Your Time?

The key to success in marketing is variety. At Ring Partner, we specialize in Pay Per Call marketing. However, we’re also familiar with various other forms of performance marketing. If you aren’t sure what performance marketing is, or doubt its worth, we can provide you with a few reasons to consider pursuing it for your business.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a broad term that refers to a type of online marketing. From social media marketing to Pay Per Call, performance marketing enables advertisers (clients) and marketers (publishers) to get paid for generating a specific action. Examples of these specific actions include generating a sale, lead, click, or even a phone call.

What Sets Performance Marketing Apart?

Above all else, performance marketing is unique because it combines advertising and innovation for the purpose of online marketing. Clients grow their businesses using various tactics, and each campaign is specifically tailored to an individual clients. There’s no need to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution with performance marketing.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Performance marketing is undoubtedly worth the investment of your time. Financially speaking, performance marketing is a great deal because you pay only when results are realized. As a client with a good/service to advertise, you set the goals you want to achieve in a campaign. You then pay your publishers only when those goals are met, rather than providing a lump sum upfront in hopes of achieving that stated goal.

There are also benefits for publishers. Smaller publishers tend to perform well against larger firms because they focus on building a strong rapport with each client. This enables even the smallest publishers to deliver a personalized experience that shows dedication to the needs and wants of each client. Most importantly though, performance marketing is a trackable solution.

As a client, you set the goals for your Pay Per Call performance marketing campaigns. Your publishers develops a strategy to meet those goals, and as time goes on you receive data to back it up. Performance marketing is easy to track, and results are quickly measured down to the individual action (click, lead form submission, or push-to-call action).

You no longer have to ponder the value of performance marketing to your business. Performance marketing has expanded across various channels, such as Pay Per Call, mobile, and display ads. With performance marketing, you’ll get broader exposure with higher returns. Best of all, you won’t have to blindly invest your marketing budget in the process. Performance marketing can help your business better visualize ROI over time and receive measurable data in real time to back up those results.

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