Keeping Sales and Marketing On The Same Page in Your Small Business

Whether your small business has separate sales and marketing teams, or you as the owner represent both interests, the two sides often find themselves in conflict. If you have the luxury of sustaining separate departments with a few employees, the two teams are going to disagree on occasion about concepts such as the value or direction of your Pay Per Call campaign. As a sole proprietor running these departments on your own, you’ll feel an internal conflict when it comes to prioritizing sales over marketing, or vice versa.

In reality, your sales and marketing teams need to work together for any promotion, such as a Pay Per Call campaign, to succeed. If you notice tension in your small business, or feel internal conflict, here are some ideas to help you bridge the divide between sales and marketing.

See the Issue from Both Sides

Before the next meeting of your marketing group, sit down for a few minutes with your sales team. You could also one-up that idea and invite sales to sit in on your marketing brainstorming session. The sales team is responsible for talking to the prospects that your Pay Per Call campaign generates on a daily basis, so members of that team can offer your marketing group insight on what messages really drive prospects to your small business.

For example, a moving company’s sales team is adept at dealing with customer inquiries, complaints, and general concerns. Members of that team can offer valuable insight into the marketing efforts that draw the attention of consumers and let you know what marketing verticals generate the most callers from Pay Per Call.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

You’ll deal with publishers that promise to generate X-number of leads per week from Pay Per Call. Generating a high volume of leads is great, but wouldn’t you rather have your marketers focus on generating quality leads instead? This in turn will ensure your sales team is occupied on calls with a high likelihood of resulting in conversions, rather than dealing with a high volume of phone calls and not generating sales.

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Generate Phone Calls

Far too many companies focus on getting visitors to click links on a website or fill out submission forms. These are great for building a database for the marketing department, but they don’t generate as many quality leads with a high likelihood of conversion in the manner that phone calls do. Focus the efforts of your marketing and sales team on creating Pay Per Call campaigns that capture the attention of consumers, make it easy to contact your small business, and get them in touch with a sales team member who can close the deal.

Think Big Picture

The lines of communication between sales and marketing in your small business is critical. Members of your sales team deserve to know when call frequency might increase because of a major Pay Per Call campaign. Likewise, marketing will want metrics and results of those campaigns. The overall goal should always be to generate quality leads for your small business, whether you’re a locksmith or a lawyer. You want to connect with consumers ready to buy.

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