Overcoming Pay Per Call Fraud

The online world is full of spammers, hackers, and those seeking to unleash malicious content on unsuspecting victims. Pay Per Call fraud does exist, despite the increased difficulty involved with spreading malicious information or content via this platform. Modern Pay Per Call distribution partners have the advanced platforms required to combat fraud and protect you from wasting your money on false leads. If you’re worried about the potential for fraud, discuss the following ideas with your distribution partner to determine if they’re prepared to ward off fraud in your Pay Per Call campaign.

The Rules Make the Game

If you want to avoid fraud and junk calls, you need to look beyond simply generating a high volume of phone calls. Work with a distribution partner that analyzes the metrics of phone calls from your Pay Per Call campaign to discover the factors that lead to success, and then build on that foundation. Common factors in success include:

  • Minimum call duration
  • Caller location
  • Key presses

Start Small

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other goliaths of industry didn’t open their doors as gigantic corporations. Likewise, your small business didn’t launch on a large scale. In order to avoid problems with your Pay Per Call campaign, start by testing it on a small scale. Develop a test budget with your publishing partner and figure out which marketing verticals generate quality leads and determine the pay-out structure that works well for your business.

Qualify Calls Through IVR

If your distribution partner offers an Interactive Voice Response system(IVR), use it! A good IVR system is your first and best line of defence against fraudulent phone calls. Callers are asked to verify information with key presses that help to accurately direct each call to the proper employee or department within your company. IVR ensures that your sales reps don’t waste time on bogus calls and your call centre isn’t inundated with junk leads.

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Know Your Audience

It should go without saying, but it never hurts to repeat, that the key to success in marketing is knowledge of your niche. When you know the target market you are trying to reach, you are capable of building a Pay Per Call campaign that meets their needs. Meeting the needs of those in your target market ensures that each phone call is a valuable lead that can result in a conversion that puts money in your pocket and validates your Pay Per Call efforts.

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