Pay Per Call and Your Locksmith Business: Investing in Call Intelligence

As a small business considering a new or improved Pay Per Call campaign, there is one feature you need to invest in: call intelligence. Pay Per Call campaigns offer your business high-quality leads and help generate revenue by directing valuable customers to your business, rather than your competitions. When you rely on a service like this, you need to make sure you utilize the best tools in the toolbox to ensure success in your campaign.

Invest in Call Intelligence

Local locksmith businesses have a lot to gain from call intelligence. As an owner in this industry, your business succeeds or fails based upon the knowledge you have of your customers and the ability to track their decision making.

Why did they choose your business?

How did they find your business?

With the right call intelligence service, you can learn the answers to these questions and work with your distribution partner to improve your Pay Per Call campaign.

Missing Out on Mobile

Mobile is on the rise, and if you ignore that fact you’ll pay the price. US smartphone penetration is up to 72% and is expected to reach 95% by the year 2018. People use their smartphones to make calls when they are ready to purchase. For service industries such as locksmiths, consumers have an immediate need and are ready to set an appointment and pay for service. The stats support the value of mobile:

  • 70% of mobile users make use of click-to-call connection features
  • 52% of people connect with a business following a smartphone search

Call intelligence can help optimize your Pay Per Call campaign for mobile audiences, increasing your visibility and helping convert mobile viewers into paying consumers.

Boost Incremental Revenue

One of the biggest reasons to use call intelligence is to drive more conversions, sales, and high-value customers. All of your marketing platforms can benefit from call intelligence. Each one becomes more powerful because they are actively generating offline interactions between consumers and your business. When you don’t use call intelligence, you aren’t able to take full advantage of each phone call and generate more revenue.

Add Value to All Marketing Channels

Finally, as alluded to above, call intelligence can help add value to each of your marketing channels. With in-depth knowledge of the journey your customers take from start to finish when contacting your locksmith business, you can better adjust all of your marketing channels to continue driving consumers to your business who are more likely to convert into revenue. For example, if many consumers find your business based upon local searches and not email campaigns, you can adjust the marketing spend you put toward those respective marketing efforts.

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