Pay Per Call and Your Small Business: Clothing Retailers

One of the rising verticals in the field of Pay Per Call marketing is the vast retail sector of the economy. While retail products were the heart of Pay Per Call‘s birth decades ago, with those infamous late-night infomercials encouraging us to purchase whacky and innovative products, it has been the service industry that has largely dominated the landscape of Pay Per Call marketing in the 21st century.

However, marketers and advertisers see retail as the next vertical to adopt Pay Per Call on a large scale. What makes retail the next big sector? And more importantly, how can retail businesses take advantage?

Pay Per Call and Retail: The Numbers

The impact of mobile phone on e-commerce is undeniable. As smartphones have proliferated in society and the power of these devices has improved, people increasingly use their mobile devices to research products and make purchases on the go. The numbers support the power of the smartphone in e-commerce and lay the foundation for the success of clothing retailers in Pay Per Call. Consider the following statistics (via

  • 76%: number of shoppers using smartphones to locate a store, the most common activity
  • 30%: global retail e-commerce spending on mobile devices by 2018
  • $90 billion: amount Americans are expected to spend via mobile transactions by 2017
  • 75%: number of mobile shoppers redeeming coupons from their mobile devices
  • 80.4%: number of shoppers that view retailers in a better light when they offer mobile deals and coupons
  • 80%: number of mobile shoppers whose purchasing decisions are influenced by mobile ads
  • 84%: U.S. smartphone shoppers using their devices to assist them in the store

Locating and Driving Business

The beauty of Pay Per Call  marketing is that it is incredibly flexible and provides different benefits to each industry. While service providers benefit the most from calls that last longer and result in appointments for service, product industries don’t necessarily need long phone calls to have their Pay Per Call campaign be considered a success.

As the figures above suggest, smartphone shoppers use their devices to locate and research the retailers and products they want. Retailers can take advantage of this by optimizing their ad campaigns for mobile devices and including a click-to-call feature on ads and banner displays. This encourages shoppers to call directly from an ad to ask questions about product inventory, available sizes, and specific store location.

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The Right Publishers

Pay Per Call campaigns can be operated in a number of advertising fields, from direct mailers to mobile devices. In order to optimize the Pay Per Call campaign for your retail business, it is important to work with a good Publishers. Your marketing partner can help direct your campaign to mobile shoppers and target those in your local area that are most likely to call, visit, and/or purchase.