Pay Per Call and Your Small Business: Locksmiths

We’ve all been in the position where we find ourselves rush to collect our things and head out the door for a work or a date in the evening. We’re trying to get our jacket and shoes on, turn off the lights, grab our phone, and get out the door. Then the realization hits us: where are my keys? This situation occurs on a daily basis across the country as busy folks head out for an appointment or a date and pull a locked door shut behind them, only to realize that their keys are still inside.

If you operate a locksmith business, Pay Per Call campaigns offer a great online marketing strategy that can help boost your company’s image above that of your competitors and generate greater income. How can your small locksmith business use Pay Per Call campaigns?

Choose Exchanges Carefully

The power of the web and earning potential for Publishers has led a lot of companies into the field of Pay Per Call marketing. The right Publishers for your company is the one that understands your promotional campaigns and brand, and is capable of steering high-value customers to your business.

Before you start a Pay Per Call partnership with an Exchange, take the time to examine their track record. Promised success is not the same as proven success.

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Call Duration Wins Over Call Volume

The most important thing to remember about your Pay Per Call campaign is that you are paying for the ads that drive phone calls. The last thing you need is high volume if the customers are unlikely to convert into sales for your business. Call duration is a greater indicator of a customer’s likelihood to convert. Your Publishers should be able to generate calls from a specific niche for each campaign, driving customers to your company that need your service immediately.

Focus on Local Mobile Traffic

As a locksmith, your business exists in a highly focused niche and generates calls from customers with an immediate need. Customers aren’t going to call locksmiths looking for an estimate, nor are they interested in calling one located hours away. When someone is locked out, cost is a low concern and immediate resolution is a high priority.

Focusing on local mobile traffic is imperative for your Pay Per Call campaign. Relying on social media is a solid approach for your Pay Per Call efforts because social platforms are local in nature.

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