Pay Per Call Choices: Do You Buy Calls, Impressions, or Conversions?

Even though small-business owners are expected to wear many hats (customer service, accountant, marketer, etc.), that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in each of those categories. This presents the inevitable challenge of tackling issues you aren’t familiar with. If you’re using Pay Per Call to promote your business, you have probably found that popular management tools allow you to determine how to spend your marketing dollars to power your campaign. Should you be investing in calls, impressions, or conversions? The answer will likely depend on your specific business and industry.

The Case for Impressions

Impressions in Pay Per Call are similar, though not identical, in nature to web-based impressions. Advertisers pay every time a caller hears an ad or sees a business pop up in their search parameters. Impressions are ideal for businesses looking to get the brand in front of as many eye balls as possible. You can set the highest amount you are willing to pay per impression so your spending doesn’t vary, and you’ll be able to work within a fixed budget to get your brand out there for the masses to see.

The Case for Calls

In Pay Per Call, a call starts the moment a consumer elects to be connected to your business by clicking on your ad or your click-to-call feature. Buying these call-based leads is ideal if you operate an automotive repair shop or small beauty salon, for example, because you don’t need a lot of time on the phone to convert. For these businesses, a conversion is as easy as booking an appointment.

Keep in mind that buying call-based leads means you need to have someone available to answer the phone when your ads are appearing online. This is when time-based parameters are vital. You should set guidelines for your ads to run only during business hours so that someone is there to answer the phone, otherwise you’re paying for leads you aren’t connecting with.

The Case for Conversions

If you place a high value on phone calls as a business, buying conversions might be the best path to take. Service-based companies, such as legal firms and contractors, are looking to book appointments or schedule meetings, but this often cannot take place in a matter of seconds. When you’re buying conversions in a Pay Per Call campaign, you can set parameters that judge the value of a call based upon duration. For example, you could set 90 seconds as the minimum marker to judge the value of a call and the likelihood of a conversion.

In any event, take the time to compare the value of each of these Pay Per Call options before making a choice. You should be certain that the one you choose best suits your business and the industry you work in before spending your marketing dollars on that particular type of lead generation.

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