Pay Per Call Marketing for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent operating your own small business, success for you is defined by your profile in the local marketplace. Insurance agents, whether offering auto, home, life, or any combination thereof, rely upon leads from the local area. With the power of a Pay Per Call marketing campaign in your corner, you can improve your profile and generate quality leads that can be converted. Here’s a guide to Pay Per Call Marketing for insurance agents. 

Understand the Insurance Industry

Insurance agents are licensed by the state to provide coverage and plans to people in a specific area. With that in mind, Pay Per Call campaigns are ideal for the insurance industry because they can be used to generate calls from a targeted area. Advertisements on mobile devices, local search pages online, and even traditional ad flyers with a phone number for consumers to call.

These ads can be used to target consumers in a specific city, county, or wider area to focus your advertising dollars in an area that generates quality leads your business can act on quickly.

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Transform Lead Quality

For insurance agents, conversion is the key to success. You can generate phone calls with ease, but what level of quality are you going to receive with those calls? Insurance agents aren’t selling tangible products or earning money answering simple questions over the phone. Success lies in generating calls from consumers actively searching for insurance quotes.

Pairing up with a distribution partner on a Pay Per Call campaign can help focus your advertising efforts, and dollars, towards consumers that will provide your agency with a beneficial ROI. For starters, a publisher can generate quality calls for your business. If you are like the majority of local businesses, you believe that nothing is more powerful than a telephone call from a potential customer. According to BIA/Kelsey statistics, 61.3% of advertisers believe phone calls are the most important lead available.

Pay per call can also generate greater conversion rates for your business than form submissions through a website. Form submits, particularly on mobile devices, can be difficult for customers to work with. Multiple publishers have found that 35% of calls lead to a sale, compared to just 5% for online forms.

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Take Advantage of Mobile

Finally, Pay Per Call campaigns are perfectly situated to help your insurance business take advantage of the growth in mobile search. Roughly one-half of local searches are conducted on mobile devices, according to Microsoft, which means your company can generate calls from consumers in your local area with ease.

More importantly, you are reaching out to a customer base that is most likely to see your advertisements and pick up the phone. According to Nielsen, 91% of adults have their mobile phone at hand 24/7.

All marketing campaigns are successful based upon the variety. With the addition of Pay Per Call marketing, your insurance agency can add another medium to attract customers, and drive quality calls that will help set you on the path to success.

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