Reviving Your Lackluster Pay Per Call Campaign

Marketing strategies never have been, and never should be, static. The makeup of the customer base you are trying to connect with through a Pay Per Call campaign, and other marketing efforts, is constantly evolving. Whether the actual demographics of the group are changing or simply their behaviour, your methods of attracting those consumers must evolve. Based upon changes to popular marketing tools and emerging trends, you may want to consider these tips to help revive a lackluster Pay Per Call campaign.

Boost Targeting Efforts

Understanding the keywords used by consumers searching for products and services within your industry is still important, but you can learn more about your consumers by moving beyond the keywords they use. Start targeting your consumers based upon demographic data, geo location, and interests. Retargeting options from your distribution partner, for example, allow you to customize the display and search ads for customers who have recently visited your site.

Tweak Ad Scheduling

When and where your customers see ads is just as important as the actual ads they are viewing. When was the last time you tweaked your ad schedule? If the results of your Pay Per Call ads have been lackluster as of late, consider making alterations to your ad schedule to ensure that ads are more visible during high-traffic periods. Remember to keep notes as you make adjustments so you can look back later on and understand why you made the changes you did. This will help immensely when it comes time to tweak your ad schedules again in the future.

Use Call Extensions

It seems logical that call extensions should play an important role in Pay Per Call marketing, yet a survey from MarketingProfs found that only 22% of advertisers use them. Phone calls are the most valuable consumer interaction you can have aside from face-to-face encounters, especially in the current mobile-driven world of consumerism. Use your Pay Per Call marketing dollars to promote call extensions and get consumers on the line with your business.

Segment Data

The mounds of data that are collected from Internet activity today are useless if you don’t understand where it’s coming from and what is contributing to it. If you want to boost your Pay Per Call campaign, segment your data so you can see how your ads perform on different devices and platforms. Focus extra time on mobile devices in particular. Consumers using smartphones often have different goals than those using a desktop computer, at least in the moment.

Multiply Your Efforts

By this we mean using a multichannel approach to your Pay Per Call efforts. When you focus on multiple channels, you’ll better understand the online journey that guided an individual consumer from thought to action. It is rarely a case of a single click and a phone call. What ads did they interact with, and on what devices? Did the interaction result in revenue?

If you’ve noticed a dip in the performance of your Pay Per Call campaign, it may be time to run through this list and see if you can find a way of breathing new life into your marketing efforts.

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