Still Not Using Google’s Call-Only Ads? 4 Reasons You Should

Last year Google gave Pay Per Call marketing a significant boost when it unveiled a fully-functional Call-Only ad service as part of its Google Ad Words offering. If you still haven’t considered using Google’s powerful feature, here’s four reasons to quit stalling and give it a try!

It’s a Proven Commodity

Pay Per Call is a proven commodity that’s older than the web itself, and with the most powerful search engine in the world getting on board with Pay Per Call marketing, your ability to drive genuine leads to your business just got greater. A study conducted by the University of Virginia found that more than 70% of mobile users will call a company directly from its listing in search results, compared to just 29% who call after finding a number on your website.

It’s User-Friendly

There’s nothing better than a marketing tool that is both affordable and easy for your target consumers to use. With Pay Per Call marketing through Google’s Call-Only ads, consumers easily find your number in their search results, and then use the click-to-call feature on their mobile device to call your business directly. There’s no redirecting to sites or potential for them to find a competitor during that step. See a result, call a number, it’s that simple.

Affordable Bids

Compared to methods such as pay-per-click that often have extremely high bids, particularly for desktop Internet campaigns, Call-Only ads are far more affordable for your business. These lower bids allow you to save money without sacrificing on the reach of your brand or losing potential customers because of ineffective targeting.

Value for Your Money

Most importantly, when you’re using Google’s Call-Only ads, you are receiving great bang for your buck. Consumers don’t often pick up the phone to call a business and just pepper it with research questions about a product or service. If consumers take the step of placing a phone call, they are individuals in the mood to purchase. They’ve done their research, compared products, and even compared prices. They call your business because they’re ready to book an appointment or make a purchase.

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