Still Not Using Pay Per Call? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should

The web is nothing if not a fluid environment. Consumer behavior on the web changes regularly, and the statistics are available to prove it. For instance, did you know that 67% of the consumer’s journey now occurs digitally? More importantly, are you aware that Google searches for business and services “near me” have jumped 130% in the last year? If you still aren’t using Pay Per Call to take advantage of mobile search, think about these 4 reasons to change course.

You Compete in a Crowded Niche

For small businesses competing in a crowded niche, an effective Pay Per Call campaign can lure consumers to your business rather than your competition. Adding call buttons to your ads and click-to-call buttons on your homepage makes it easier, and more appealing, for consumers to reach out to your business.

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Local Customers Make Up Your Base

If the vast majority of your regular shoppers are local customers, Pay Per Call is the answer to competing effectively. You need look no further than the report on “near me” searches on Google climbing in the last year. Consumers want to shop locally because it’s convenient, especially when they have an emergency need. Pay Per Call makes it simple for those consumers to contact your business in their moment of need. A moment, which it is worth noting, that puts them in the buying mood.

Short Buying Cycles are Your Game

Business such as tow companies exist in a niche that has an extremely short buying cycle. Someone broken down on the side of the road or battling a flat tire isn’t interested in comparing prices. They are going to use a “near me” search to find the best tow company in their area. These consumers aren’t filling out lead forms and waiting for emails. They want to call and talk, and Pay Per Call facilitates that quickly and efficiently.

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Your Social Media Following is Immense

There is now an option available in Facebook and Twitter ads that allows business to use click-to-call with the “Call Now” button. You can now effectively place CTAs in your ad that encourage consumers to reach out to your business whether they’re researching or ready to buy.