The Bright Future of Pay Per Call Mobile Marketing

The biggest online advertising trend that’s not getting the ink it deserves is without a doubt Pay Per Call marketing. While the tech media fixates on Facebook and the latest social media startups, there’s a quiet revolution taking place in the mobile space. Once considered an also-ran by many advertisers and publishers, Pay Per Call has come roaring back with a vengeance as of late. The reality is that the online marketing industry is changing rapidly. Pay Per Call marketing has a bright future ahead of it due to the following factors.

Mobile Technology Has Matured

Even though Pay Per Call has been around for awhile, widespread acceptance has faced technological challenges that have only recently been surmounted. Google actually tried out a Pay Per Call system in 2006 that never really worked out and was quickly shuttered. The main reason it failed was due to its focus on desktop users, most of whom weren’t used to making calls from their laptops. Nowadays, nearly everyone in the United States and other developed countries have mobile phones and the majority have web-capable smartphones. As such, it’s far easier to capitalize on click-to-call functionality in ads.

A Renewed Emphasis on Human Interaction

An impersonal commercial experience can be had anywhere on the web. What many are yearning for when making certain purchases is personalized guidance. Pay Per Call allows consumers to get in touch with a live representative who can provide them with the assistance they desire. Especially for consumers that need help choosing a product or service, Pay Per Call is an ideal solution to their problems. Likewise, businesses can meet the needs of their prospective clients more easily if they can walk them through the buying process over the phone.

Better Overall Conversion Rates

One of the more compelling reasons to invest in Pay Per Call marketing is the phenomenal average conversion rate it boasts. Due to its very nature, Pay Per Call is more effective than almost any other web marketing method available. For bricks-and-mortar businesses who are courting nearby customers that are very close to making a purchase, it’s a no-brainer. The raw statistics clearly demonstrate that PPC of the phone-based variety is incredibly powerful in the hands of experienced marketing professionals who are familiar with local niches.

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The ROI is Tough to Beat

Shortening the path from initial interest to eventual sales saves time and money for both merchants and consumers alike. In so doing, Pay Per Call offers an extraordinary ROI that’s tough to beat if you know what you’re doing. As a performance-based marketing model, Pay Per Call is almost always a winning proposition for both SMBs and national corporations. Merchants only pay for leads that are fairly likely to result in sales. Healthy competition between marketers for commissions means that businesses don’t overpay for leads on potential sales.

Pay Per Call is Here to Stay

There are two major advantages that Pay Per Call has over competing online promotional methods. Firstly, it’s an unexploited tactic that’s not being taken advantage of by many local businesses. On top of that, Pay Per Call can be adapted to work for businesses of any size in any industry. As with any new marketing medium, Pay Per Call takes some getting used to for advertisers and publishers alike. With the right network, however, the potential of Pay Per Call is nearly limitless.

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