The Pay-Per-Call Difference

So, what is it about pay-per-call marketing that makes it so different from “traditional” affiliate marketing? There are a number of things about pay-per-call that make it different than the affiliate marketing you’re typically used to. Check them out below.

Direct Consumer to Advertiser Connections

With pay-per-call campaigns you are creating a direct connection between the consumer and the advertiser and engaging them in a real, live conversation almost instantaneously. As soon as the user/caller clicks on a click to call link, or dials a number, they are immediately connected to an agent at a call center. That agent can then answer questions, help the caller and hopefully generate a sale or a lead from the call. With “traditional” affiliate marketing the user would be sent to a landing page, instead of a real person.

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Phone Numbers, NOT Links

This may be obvious, but with pay-per-call you will be working with tracking phone numbers, instead of links. You can still use a link from the RingRevenue system, but the purpose of the link will be to send the user to a page with a phone number. These links will allow you to place pixels, but the down side is that Google will NOT like using links that do not match your landing page domain.

Duration Based Conversions

Pay-per-call offers usually convert on a durations, so, depending on the offer, if your call lasts (x) minutes you’ll get paid out. It’s a pretty quick and easy conversions. You can almost guarantee that if you send a small amount of relevant traffic you’ll get a few conversions. We’ve seen campaigns that never worked for us on traditional marketing convert on pay-per-call, so any campaign is worth a test, even those with higher payouts on higher durations.

Unique Campaigns

Within the pay-per-call industry there are a number of different and unique campaigns. We’ve seen campaigns for rehab, car rentals, dentists, maids, storage units, carpet, etc. Recently we had a call with a potential advertiser looking for calls for adult diapers. Why do unique campaigns matter? Well, they are typically less competitive, especially for affiliates. Let everyone else battle it out on auto insurance, payday, matchmaking, etc, while you work within a niche generating calls for dentists!

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Promotion Methods

Pay-per-call also makes some different promotional methods more viable, like for offline. You can now promote a campaign on radio, tv, direct mail, flyers, etc., since all you need is a tracking phone number, not a long affiliate link. You’ll also need to consider that hours of the call center, regions accepted and promotional methods allowed on a given offer. But pay-per-call definitely opens up some new promotion methods and allows you to get creative with your traffic sources.