The Top 5 Biggest Winners in Pay Per Call Advertising

Call-based web marketing is absolutely exploding at the moment and shows little sign of letting up barring the death of the Internet itself. Both the rapid proliferation of smartphone technology and the evolution of search engines have forced the SEO industry to embrace click-to-call advertising like never before. Though Pay Per Call marketing can be appealing to just about anyone that buys or sells online, a few demographics in particular are reaping the rewards of this brave new technology. Here are the top 5 biggest winners in Pay Per Call advertising.

Small Business Owners

Though overshadowed by corporate giants and nationwide chains in terms of revenue, small businesses are the backbone of American industry and commerce. For the typical SMB owner, solving the marketing equation is the biggest obstacle to eventual success. Pay Per Call marketing allows these minor players to attract the right kinds of customers without spending a fortune on promotional campaigns. Furthermore, Pay Per Call ensures that these businesses don’t waste money on unproductive leads.

Local Merchants

As much as small businesses can benefit from Pay Per Call, operations that are hyper-local in nature profit even more from it. Companies that generate the bulk of their income within a limited geographical area typically see the greatest returns from Pay Per Call tactics. That’s because smartphone users are more likely to make near-term decisions based on geo-targeted ads. Local businesses that rely on call-based marketing to attract customers are ultimately the biggest winners.

Niche Players in Any Industry

If you’re running a business that relies on a very narrow consumer demographic for its survival, Pay Per Call is one of the most powerful ways to dominate your market niche. Targeting the right consumers with laser precision is of the utmost importance to niche businesses and their long-term profitability. Pay Per Call makes that kind of targeting possible and does so in a manner that delivers highly actionable feedback for optimizing future campaigns.

Companies with Low Margins

Any business that competes in an industry with low profit margins must be able to court clients with a minimum amount of advertising overhead to come out ahead. Companies that are fortunate enough to have low or at least relatively stable input costs can afford to use unpredictable promotional techniques like Groupon offers. Businesses with low profit margins require the kinds of surefire leads and outstanding ROI that Pay Per Call can provide.

Online & Offline Affiliates

Affiliate marketers are without a doubt the biggest fans of Pay Per Call. Thanks to uniquely advantageous payout models, high-performing affiliates often make far more money with Pay Per Call than they would with affiliate programs based on clicks and sign-ups. The beauty of Pay Per Call is that it can be adapted to any marketing campaign even if said campaign isn’t based on web traffic. As long as sales go through an affiliate’s unique phone number, they’ll end up getting paid at the end of the day.

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The Key Ingredient to Success

Regardless of the reasons why you choose Pay Per Call marketing, you’ll find success to be elusive if you don’t have the proper tools and support. A powerful and versatile ad network can give you both, ensuring that you achieve the results you desire from the medium. Finding the right ad network to assist you in attaining your marketing goals is ultimately the most critical consideration in the Pay Per Call game.