Top 3 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Advertising on YouTube

YouTube started out innocently enough in the digital era as a platform for sharing videos with the masses. Anyone from your Aunt Ruth to your younger siblings could upload a video; all they needed was a registered Google account to do so. Today, YouTube has become a digital juggernaut with billions of viewers and videos running the gamut from hilarious cat clips to informational product highlights.

As digital marketers, Ring Partner clients are encouraged to embrace various marketing channels to spread awareness of their brand and increase revenue. Pay Per Call and YouTube go hand in hand when developing a strong marketing campaign. If you haven’t given YouTube much thought, here are three reasons all digital marketers should run ads on YouTube.

YouTube has Tremendous Reach

Marketing is all about getting your product/service benefits in front of interested consumers. Running ads on YouTube provides consumer reach for your brand that is near impossible on other platforms. Google is quick to point out that there are some 1 billion users watching over 6 billion hours of video on YouTube each month. The benefit of YouTube’s reach is two-fold. The platform serves as both a source of information and social interaction. As a source of information, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind only its parent, Google. It’s also worth noting that YouTube videos, according to a separate Google report, reach more consumers in the 18-to-49 demographic than any individual broadcast or cable TV network.

YouTube Offers Impressive Targeting Options

Success in digital marketing requires accurate targeting. If you simply throw your promotions and campaigns out in the abyss of the web, you are going to experience very low ROI. YouTube targeting options are seemingly limitless. There are the standard demographic targeting options, such as age, gender, and parental status, but these are only the tip of the iceberg. You can also use contextual ad placement on YouTube, ensuring that your ads show up attached to specific videos, channels, or websites. This enables you to select funnels that attract viewers with a high conversion potential.

Want to take your YouTube ads one step further? YouTube allows you to target those high-value viewers ready to make a purchase, regardless of their current stage in the buying process. You can even place your ads on your competitor’s videos. This allows you to effectively swoop in and convince those viewers to consider your product/service instead. Finally, there are keyword, topic, and interest target options that allow you to put your ads in front of the right eyeballs online.

YouTube is a Natural Pairing with Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call clients are already aware of its value in attracting consumers with a higher intention to purchase. Pay Per Call drives high-value leads for any marketing campaign, but is it a good pairing with YouTube? The short answer is an emphatic yes! There’s good data to back up that position beyond simple enthusiasm though. Like Pay Per Call, YouTube captures the attention of consumers with a higher intention to purchase. Some 73% of US adults are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video online that better explains the product or service.

Combining YouTube and Pay Per Call increases the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns by capturing an even greater number of high-value consumers. Additionally, shoppers are watching lots of video each week and doing so on their mobile phones. 94% of consumers watch video on YouTube at least once in a week, and 76% of smartphone owners are doing so at least once per week directly on their mobile device.

With click-to-call features and plenty of targeting options available, clients can use YouTube ads to promote products or services on a platform that is ideal for mobile. This is easily integrated into a Pay Per Call campaign. Since many of those viewers are already on mobile, it’s quick and easy for them to seamlessly transition from watching video to calling your business.

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