Using Pay Per Call to Drive Business to Legal Firms

Do you own a legal firm and have trouble generating high-quality leads? Pay Per Call is a great source to help you generate inbound consumer calls who are ready to buy!

As a lawyer, one of your greatest assets is your communication skills. Utilizing your top skill directly with your leads will help you convert your leads at a much higher rate. However, there’s more to communication than just getting on a phone with your lead and chatting away. With Pay Per Call, the customer is placed in your hands right when they are ready to talk and you are ready to listen and guide them on their next steps.

Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation for Lawyers

As with any industry, lawyers and legal firms rely upon lead generation to catch the eye of potential customers to turn them into clients. The purpose of lead generation is to get your legal brand in front of potential clients, so how do you attract quality leads? Here’s a few common approaches to lead generation:

  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Direct mailers
  • Pay Per Call

Each approach has their pros & cons, and can definitely help generate leads to your legal firm. However, studies have shown people want to feel a human connection, especially when dealing with lawyers. Pay Per Call puts people in direct contact with a legal firm to help them with any legal issues they may be dealing with.

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Pros & Cons of Pay Per Call for Lead Generation

Each form of lead generation comes with pros and cons. With Pay Per Call, for example, the benefit to both parties is instant contact. Prospective clients call with questions on legal aid or to request an appointment. Lawyers then have an opportunity to answer questions before scheduling an appointment. Generally speaking, callers are advanced in the sales funnel, but they can also jump quickly through the steps to place a call, leaving few actions to track prior to seeing your ad.

On the downside, without quality analytics it can be hard to attribute that phone call to your lead generation efforts. Additionally, not all callers are going to set an appointment. Some might simply have mundane questions about office location, hours, and costs. There’s no need for concern. Publishers can use quality analytics to help minimize or eliminate the downside of Pay Per Call and other forms of lead generation.

Importance of those Inbound Phone Calls

While it is tempting to rely upon Google AdWords to run your own lead generation campaign, keep in mind there is great value to gain from generating inbound calls with a Publisher. First and foremost, phone calls come with an extremely high conversion rate. This means more revenue for your law firm!

For lawyers in particular, generating phone calls is often the end-goal of the overall marketing strategy. Individuals that pick up the phone to call your law firm are, in many cases, advanced in the sales cycle. They know what legal aid they require and have likely researched your firm before calling. These callers are poised to work with you!

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Lawyers are In-Demand!

There is plentiful evidence to suggest that lawyers are going to be very busy for years to come. Kaplan Test Prep has a list of the 10 fastest-growing positions in the legal sector, reflecting the trends in legal assistance. Here’s the top 5:

  • Elder law – an aging population requires health care and retirement policy assistance
  • Civil litigation – boomed as a result of the economic recession
  • Environmental law – corporations are facing a crunch to reduce liability in the face of increasing climate change awareness
  • Bankruptcy law – rising unemployment in some sectors, increased medical costs, and home foreclosures are powering this sector
  • Labor and employment law – typically in high demand, there’s always a need among firms to have in-house lawyers

Pay Per Call is a great way to help any business thrive in the industry. It’s especially great when there’s a ton of traffic flowing through the Exchange with people ready to be connected to a legal firm.  People will always need legal help, and RingPartner is ready to connect inbound sales-read calls to yours!

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