Using Video to Connect Your Business with Tablet Users

If you went back in time five years ago and asked people what a tablet was, you would undoubtedly get a few strange answers. Some would hear the word tablet and think of old stone tablets with directives chiseled into them. Others might just think of a piece of hard wood or plastic. Today, we all know the tablet is a multimedia-rich device that allows us to communicate with others, browse the web, shop online, and watch endless video content.

When most businesses think about a Pay Per Call campaign, they focus too tightly on the concept of phone numbers and calls. These are certainly key parts of Pay Per Call, as the name suggests, but leads that create conversions in your Pay Per Call campaign can come from anywhere. According to a study conducted by IPG Media Lab (check out the infographic here), the tablet is perhaps the most powerful tool available for businesses looking to connect with customers through video.

Why Video Matters

Consumers in modern society want to interact with brands that appear modern and cutting edge. When your business offers media-rich content such as videos to its consumer base, you are putting effective ads in front of them that provide better engagement with your brand, products, and services. Videos can be used to introduce new products to consumers in a more engaging way, offer tips for use, or highlight services offered by the business in a manner that is more engaging than plain text on a page.

IPG data found that the tablet advertising trailed only the smartphone when it came to creating the appearance of a modern brand. In terms of advertising effectiveness, 57% of consumers view the tablet as providing the most engaging and memorable ads. Smartphones came in at 49%.

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Tablets are Used Frequently

Millions of Americans have at least one mobile device. Countless others have multiple devices around the house. Despite the presences of smartphones, laptops, and TVs in homes across America, it is the tablet that garners the majority of a consumer’s attention today. Consumers are using tablets in a variety of settings throughout the day. IPG found that 100% of tablet owners report using them at home, a whopping 66% use them on vacation, 36% use them while at a friend’s home, and 22% use them at work.

Not only are tablets used everywhere by consumers, they use them for long periods of time. On average, 65% of tablet owners use their device for more than one hour each day. When it comes to the weekend, at least 67% of users spend more than one hour each day on their tablet.

Undivided Attention

The most important factor in tablet use is the consumer’s undivided attention. Compared to smartphones, laptops, and TVs, consumers spend less time multitasking while using their tablets. More importantly, the tablet is the most popular device for “me time” each day. Consumers are most likely to watch videos alone using their tablet, with 33% opting for the device when relaxing.

If you want your Pay Per Call campaign to truly sizzle, make sure to work with a distribution partner that understands the value of mobile optimization. When you create content that connects with consumers on the devices they are using, such as the tablet, you are putting your ads in front of their eyeballs and effectively engaging them.

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