What Type of Lead Generation Can My Business Explore

Lead generation is a vital part of any marketing process that helps your business identify and cultivate customers in your sales funnel. How you go about lead generation depends on your industry, target customers, and the product/service you offer. There are many types of lead generation out there, from Pay Per Call ads to social media marketing, so which types should you consider?

Using Email Newsletters? Add a Social Button

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful forms of lead generation given the wide target market using social media platforms on a daily basis. Facebook alone recently crossed the 2 billion user threshold, so there’s lots of potential. If you want to funnel more people into your lead generation scheme, consider putting social buttons in your email newsletters. This enables your current readers to share your email newsletters and potentially turn your existing customers into lead generators.

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Simplify Signup Forms

Although lead generation forms are losing some of their might, there are still plenty of potential customers who use them. However, keep in mind that consumers are quick to abandon signup forms that take too long to fill out or have too many mandatory fields. If you want to use lead forms, keep them simple and quick to fill out.

Increase Opt-in Offers

Sometimes less is more, but if you want to subtly persuade your website viewers to become viable leads, you can increase the number of opt-in offers. The key here is to not go overboard with annoying opt-ins everywhere. You need to make the offers attractive to the viewer so they feel compelled to download a PDF, ebook, report, webinar, or demo just to see what it contains.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media marketing can play a big role in your lead generation. Social platforms aren’t just places to share information with customers and make connections, they’re funnels for new leads. Share blog posts, post landing pages directly to your Facebook, do whatever you need to do to get more eyeballs on your social feeds and then nurture those leads.

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Use Pay Per Call

Do your customers rely on the phone to get questions answered and appointments set? Mechanic shops, insurance providers, and legal offices are just a few examples of businesses where it’s just easier to talk to someone than fill out a lead form and send emails back and forth. Pay Per Call ads grab the attention of searchers, and with click-to-call buttons, make it easier for them to get in touch quickly.

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