What You Miss When You Don’t Add Phone Numbers to Your Ads

Pay Per Call marketing is built on the premise that putting your phone number in front of consumers can drive engagement with the customer and increase conversions. However, there are still those companies and brands that seem to shun the use of their phone number in advertising campaigns. If you don’t add phone numbers to your ads, you could be missing out, and here’s why!

You’ll Miss Calls from Local Customers

When it comes to Pay Per Call, one of the greatest assets it provides is greater outreach to local consumers. When it comes to local listings, 68% of online mobile searchers were found to have used either the “get directions” or “click-to-call” feature in a mobile ad. If you don’t add phone numbers to your ads, even via click-to-call, you’ll be missing out on a large chunk of the local search population. On top of that, 76% of local searches result in a phone call, but only if they can find your number!

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You’ll Miss Grabbing the Attention of Mobile Consumers

Google recently released Call-Only ads within its popular AdWords platform. This was welcome news not only for big businesses, but local ones as well. These ads within AdWords not only allow you to specifically target customers by displaying your phone number, it is great for use with local searches.

On top of that, Call-Only ads are ideal for mobile searches because the feature either your business phone number prominently or a click-to-call button that makes engagement even easier. More importantly, consumers are spending more and more time on mobile devices. The average US consumer now spends 5 hours per day on average on a mobile device, which is a 20% increase since 2015.

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Customers Won’t Remember Otherwise

Finally, if you don’t add phone numbers to your ads your customers aren’t likely to remember it and call your business. Even the most loyal customers aren’t going to remember your business number, so they’re naturally going to turn to search engines to find that information. If your customers turn to searches to find your number, it’s going to be beneficial to actually have that number listed in your ads.

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