Where is Your Marketing Budget Going?

There are a lot of tools available to the modern digital marketer and small business owner. You can reach out to your target audience in a variety of ways, from email marketing and direct mailers to social media marketing and Pay Per Call. With so many choices, it is understandably tempting to spread your marketing budget across various verticals to ensure you reach as many consumers as possible. However, what if you could reach an equal number of consumers while more wisely spending that marketing budget?

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The Efficiency of Pay Per Call

If you had to guess which marketing vertical could plausibly reach 95% of Americans, which one would you pick? Social media? Email? The correct answer here is Pay Per Call. Why’s that? Simply put, 95% of Americans own a cellphone as of 2018 and just over 75% of those phones are smartphones, which means you can reach almost all of the roughly 310 million people living in the United States through Pay Per Call marketing.

Efficiency goes well beyond the number of people you can reach. If it was all about reaching a greater volume of people, social media marketing would be the king. After all, there are 2 billion active users on Facebook alone. Pay Per Call is efficient because, unlike other verticals, you can hyper-target your ads to reach consumers who are ready to act on a purchase and employ options such as IVR to further qualify those individuals before speaking directly to the consumer.

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Benefits of Pay Per Call

When it comes to marketing campaigns that are fiscally efficient and beneficial for the company as a whole, Pay Per Call is unbeatable. You can use Pay Per Call ads to target users in search ads, on social media, and even through email. This means you can use other marketing verticals to generate phone calls through a Pay Per Call campaign, further extending the reach of your marketing dollars.

Pay Per Call ads can be targeted to consumers based on geographic region, previous shopping habits with your brand, age, gender, and even online surfing behaviors. All you’re doing with Pay Per Call is promoting relevant content that addresses consumer pain points and including click-to-call buttons and/or your phone number so consumers can act on that information quickly.

IVR systems included in a Pay Per Call campaign can help you cultivate warm leads and save more money. Rather than sifting through each caller individually as they call the business, IVR systems use voice-operated or touchtone commands to allow customers to route themselves to the right person. This saves time for your business once you’re on the phone by ensuring that customer is in the right place and talking to the person who can best serve them.

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Saving Money with Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call also offers a variety of important analytics that ensures that your marketing efforts are capable of evolving along with the behaviors and actions of your target market. Each phone call provides a trove of user data that can be used to optimize Pay Per Call campaigns. You can learn the geographic location of the caller and even trace the origin of their call back to the ad they viewed/clicked on that connected them with your brand. In this way, you save money by not wasting it on ineffective marketing campaigns. As such, you stretch your marketing budget further by reallocating those dollars to the most effective marketing verticals and generating more revenue for the business in the long term.

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