Why Call Intelligence Matters in Marketing

When your business considers running a Pay Per Call campaign, you have a lot of choices. Pay Per Call is a booming sector of marketing and advertising at the moment, and there are a lot different publishers making big promises to business owners. As you compare those publishers, you’re going to hear about call intelligence. Working with a partner that offers the latest in call intelligence can make a difference between success and failure. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few reasons why call intelligence is so important.

Knowing the When, Where, & Why

Getting consumers to call your business is only a portion of the battle to build a customer base and increase revenue. If you want the phones to keep ringing, you need to know why consumers call, when they tend to call, and where they are calling from. These factors help you develop a clear picture of the high-value customers calling your business and the thinking that drives those decisions. With this information in hand, marketers were able to generate a 28% increase in call volume in 2014.

Know What Works, and What Doesn’t

Marketing experts will tell you that the best ad and marketing campaigns are those that offer diversity. Targeting consumers through just one channel (social media, search ads, banner ads, mailers, email, etc.) is not a recipe for success. That said, just because you pepper all marketing verticals with advertisements doesn’t ensure success either.

You have to be able to collect information that tells you which Pay Per Call marketing campaigns are performing the best, and which marketing channels are a waste of ad spend. Call intelligence allows you to see which campaigns are generating calls that convert to revenue for your business. Average call conversion rates are at 26% across all industries in 2015, marking an 8% YoY increase already from 2014.

Call Intelligence Boosts Revenue, Plain and Simple

At the end of the day, call intelligence helps your business boost its revenue. The ability to attribute calls, automate your campaigns, and optimize inbound calls increases the efficiency of your Pay Per Call marketing, avoiding wasteful ad spend. Between the increased number of quality phone calls, higher conversion rates, and less waste on advertising, call intelligence helped boost revenue from phone calls by 47% YoY.

Call intelligence isn’t just some fancy feature you’re paying a Publisher more to use. It’s a critical tool that allows you to optimize your Pay Per Call marketing campaign, enhancing the efficiency of your campaigns, eliminating wasteful spending, and boosting revenue in one fell swoop.

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