Why Mobile Marketing Works

As you probably already know, mobile marketing is currently the most effective technique for reaching consumers nowadays. Thanks to its unbelievable conversion rates, it’s quickly gaining popularity in every industry. The primary reason why mobile success eludes so many marketers is a fundamental misunderstanding of why it works in the first place. Beyond the obvious factors like overall mobile reach, there are some less obvious reasons why mobile marketing can kick-start your sales like nothing else.

Immense Niche Diversity

If traditional search engine marketing is like a butcher knife and PPC ads are the digital marketing equivalent of a scalpel, mobile marketing is a finely-tuned laser. Location-aware ads that entice smartphone users with mobile coupons allow businesses of any size to achieve an ROI that’s second to none. Considering the fact that up to 70% of searches conducted on a mobile device lead to action within an hour, failing to mount a mobile marketing strategy is decidedly foolish.

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Mobile Target Demographics are Always Changing

What’s great about mobile niches is that they’re constantly evolving as consumer tastes and preferences change every month. In other words, there’s always a new niche to exploit and a new angle to work. If one tack doesn’t work, there are a million and one other approaches to take. It often takes more legwork to find a winning mobile strategy that effectively converts consumers, but it’s also easier to win customers away from the competition.

More Accurate Consumer Intelligence

While online analytics have improved across the board at an astonishing pace in the past few years, nothing beats the feedback gathered from mobile user interaction. Knowing exactly how users react to specific promotions and offers based on location, time of day and the individual in question is invaluable. That specific statistical data makes it far easier to give current and potential future mobile customers exactly what they’re looking for at any given time.

Better ROIs Lead to Smarter Resource Allocation

By achieving superior ROI on ad spending, businesses and marketers can divert unproductive dollars into more effective pursuits. The math isn’t particularly difficult to grasp. There’s no sense in wasting money on targeting consumers that aren’t receptive to a certain message or offer in the short term. Mobile marketing in all its many forms allows one to more quickly identify what doesn’t work and trim the fat from the advertising budget.

Greater Loyalty via Quality Interactions

Mobile advertising channels allow for high-quality and high-value consumer interactions that last. Consumers who prefer to use their mobile devices for finding deals and selecting businesses enjoy a far more interactive and customized experience than those who rely on traditional search. Due to the general opt-in nature of much of the mobile marketing industry, loyalty is incredibly high. Better yet, loyal and satisfied customers are your best friend when it comes to spreading the message to other consumers for free.

In Closing…

In a nutshell, Occam’s Razor is a reminder not to make things more complicated than they really have to be. Keeping your eyes on the sales prize without losing sight of what makes mobile marketing really tick will always yield results in the long run. If you haven’t yet earned your mobile marketing black belt, now is the time to thoroughly master the craft to ensure consistent future success as the mobile ad space becomes ever more cutthroat.

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