Why Pay-Per-Call Advertising Trumps Every Other Method

When it comes to your small business, you know that advertising is important. But there are so many mediums to advertise in. How do you know what’s best? Instead of worrying about when, how, and who you’ll reach, make the choice to reach the widest demographic of people in the flat-out easiest way possible. Here’s a look at just a few reasons why Pay Per Call marketing trumps any other method of advertising.

It’s better than radio because…

Nearly half of all radio usage today happens in a vehicle. While that may get your message out, you’re reaching people that aren’t necessarily ready to be receptive. What does that mean? That people in their cars are busy. They’re probably not going to stop driving to write down your information. And by the time they get to work or home, your ad has been forgotten.

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It’s better than television because…

Television advertising can be flashy, but that flash comes at a pretty hefty price. Unless you want your commercial to air at 3 a.m., you’re going to pay a premium for that air time. In addition to the air time, you’ve got to pay for the actual production of the ad (actors, cameramen, directors, etc.) And every time you have a new offer or special, you’ll need a new spot. A small business could easily blow through their advertising budget on a single television commercial.

It’s better than print because…

When it comes to print, there’s a very specific demographic you’re getting. Over 75% of your audience will be 45 or older. If you’re only selling your product or services to over 45 year olds, that’s great. But if you’re targeting other ages too, they’ll likely never even see you. Virtually everyone today has a cell phone, so with Pay Per Call, you’re reaching every single age group.

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It’s better than all of thesebecause…

  • None of these mediums provide actual number as to how well your ad is doing. You can’t tell how many people actually saw or heard you ad. But with Pay Per Call, you can tell exactly what your reach was, and how many people acted.
  • None of these mediums make your company one button click away from the customer. Pay Per Call advertising is by far the easiest for the customer to act on.
  • None of these mediums reach your customer when they’re actively looking for your services. When a customer is conducting a search on their cell phone, there’s a very good chance they’re ready to make a purchase.