Why Your Business Will Thrive with Pay Per Call Marketing

These days, every business online is looking for the latest edge that’ll skyrocket sales overnight. While no single tactic exists, one of the most promising yet often-overlooked strategies for driving traffic is Pay Per Call marketing. For merchants and affiliates alike, Pay Per Call marketing can significantly increase conversion rates. As the least popular method of affiliate marketing, it’s a less competitive field that is easier to dominate. Though it might seem like phone-based marketing methods are on their way out, nothing could be further from the truth in the smartphone era.

Pay Per Call Marketing Refresher

Much like Pay Per Click advertising, Pay Per Call is a way to reach millions of potential customers on a strict budget. It’s a performance-based model where results can be accurately measured and campaigns fine-tuned for maximum returns. As with PPC, Pay Per Call relies on both advertisers and publishers to function smoothly. Essentially, advertisers pay for high-quality leads and publishers are responsible for nudging those prospects in their direction. The only real difference is that the yardstick of success is based on the number of phone calls rather than clicks-throughs.

The Benefits of PPM

Despite its relatively low profile at the moment, Pay Per Call presents just as many golden opportunities as any other method and can deliver an astronomical ROI under the right circumstances. It’s also seeing record growth now that web-capable smartphones have become the norm in the mobile space. Farming out the marketing work to affiliates makes it more convenient for merchants who are looking to generate quality leads without a major investment. In a nutshell, Pay Per Call ticks all the right boxes by being cost-effective and lucrative to boot.

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Tools of the Trade

To be a true master of Pay Per Call, one must familiarize oneself with the tools necessary to succeed. Whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate, you’ll need to align yourself with a solid network that specializes in PPC of the phone variety. For both participants, versatile analytics and tracking tools are absolutely critical. As with any other form of online marketing, matching consumers and service providers is the ultimate end goal. Fortunately, Pay Per Call companies can assist advertisers and publishers alike in this pursuit.

Targeting the Right Consumers

Arguably the most important step in launching a successful Pay Per Call campaign that nets results is matching your program with the right network. Beyond that, it’s vital that anyone looking to get the most out of their Pay Per Call campaigns target the appropriate consumer demographics. Pay Per Call works best on customers that are close to making a buying decision rather than those merely researching their options. When used towards the end of the buying cycle, it’s many times more effective than even PPC.

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The First Step

It’s unlikely that Pay Per Call will entirely replace PPC and organic SEO methods of online marketing. Regardless, it’s an extremely worthwhile use of your time and your advertising dollars. More than anything else, making Pay Per Call marketing a winning proposition is all about selecting the right network partner. There are so many available to choose from that it can be difficult to find a good fit for you. If you take the time to find the right network, however, Pay Per Call marketing can help your business thrive like nothing else.