3 Marketing Trends That Failed in 2019

The field of marketing does not exist in a vacuum. As technological trends advance and consumer behaviors change, so too must marketing trends and tactics. Each year it seems there are new marketing trends that are emerging or maturing, but that also means that some trends have passed the expiration date. 2019 saw the end of several marketing trends that finally failed after years of popular use. Below, you can read about four marketing trends that failed in 2019 and gain a little insight into why that happened.

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Presentation-based Content

Content remains king in digital marketing, but slapping together content just for the sake of having content is no longer beneficial. Consumers are looking for a conversation in the marketing materials they interact with rather than presentation-based content.

The lesson here is the need to start focusing on content that evokes an emotion in connection with the brand. Wowing people with charts, graphs, and infographics alone simply aren’t enough to resonate emotionally with the consumer.

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Artificial Intelligence

This point is a bit controversial because simply saying “artificial intelligence” doesn’t mean the entire sector has failed. Instead, AI has been over-hyped and viewed as a cure-all. It is no longer sufficient for brands to chase down all manner of AI and work to integrate it into marketing campaigns.

Instead, brands need to see through the folly of this approach and focus on a subset of AI known as machine learning. Machine learning can help improve the customer experience and boost customer support. Predictive modeling, for example, can identify patterns in data and add value to customer interactions.

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“Fancy New Objects”

This is a broadly-based point that has a real-life example of recent failure. The QR code was everywhere in marketing campaigns starting in 2016. It featured on TV screens, product packaging, and ads on smart devices, but it proved to be little more than a shiny object with little deliverable value.

The lesson to be learned here is that jumping on the latest fancy trend or shiny new object can result in failure just months down the road as consumer behaviors shift. Focus on building content that delivers value and rely on your metrics to guide your decisions. Make sure that you make decisions based on data rather than getting on the bandwagon just because everyone is talking about a new marketing tool or trend. The QR code is the perfect warning on this point.

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