3 Mobile Marketing Strategies for the Hotel Industry

There is no segment of the marketplace immune to the massive growth, both usage and effectiveness, of mobile marketing. Industries across the board are developing and/or adopting new mobile strategies in reaction, and the hotel industry has unique opportunities to take advantage of this shifting trend as well. The following are just 3 examples of mobile marketing strategies that target the hotel industry specifically.

Mobile Check-In

With the use of a dedicated mobile apps, hotels can now create a deeper connection with loyal customers and first-timers alike. Mobile apps are popular because they offer convenience, and when it comes to the hotel industry this translates into the ability to skip the check-in process and go right to your room.

Hilton has been one of the frontrunners in this movement, offering guests the ability to check-in on their mobile device, so they can simply pick up a key and go to their room. Hilton even went a step further with door key functionality in their app, allowing guests to check-in remotely and go straight to their room, with key functionality giving them the power to let themselves in without stopping at the front desk.


The use of geofencing technology is already popular in Pay Per Call, but it has a big role to play in mobile marketing as well. Hotel companies can establish geofencing parameters that empower the app to send push notifications to users via their smartphones, reminding them to do anything from check-in once they arrive at the airport or even allowing them to pick a specific room for their upcoming stay of upgrades are available.

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Enhanced Functionality

Best of all, mobile marketing via a dedicated app allows a hotel to not only increase communication with guests by encouraging mobile check-ins or suggesting room upgrades, but it boosts brand loyalty by adding more functionality to the app. For example, guests could check-in remotely and set the temperature in their room from the app, ensuring a comfortable climate when they arrive. Other strategies include the addition of mobile ordering and booking, such as drinks by the pool or spa treatments during their stay.

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Why Does This Matter?

The hotel industry has a lot to gain from effective mobile marketing strategies. There are more than 1 billion smartphones in use in the world today, and mobile advertising revenue hit roughly $7 billion at the end of 2013. Hotel companies stand to gain from this movement. As of 2014, the hotel industry generated $450 billion in revenue, with 21% coming from mobile devices.