3 Pay Per Call Tricks to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Whether you operate a small HVAC company or are the sole proprietor of a landscaping company, you undoubtedly have little time, interest, or money for improving your marketing campaigns. In a digital world, online marketing might seem overwhelming. Pay Per Call marketing offers a viable, easy-to-use option. However, simply launching a Pay Per Call marketing campaign doesn’t guarantee success. If you want to drive more calls and improve conversions, consider these three tricks.

Better Keyword Strategy

The right keyword strategy can mean the difference between consumers clicking on your online ads and selecting the competition instead. The biggest mistake many small businesses make in their Pay Per Call marketing strategy is the use of one set of keywords for all ads. For example, if someone searches for “local landscapers” and finds your small business ad, odds are high they’ll click on that ad or call your business.

However, if that same individual searches instead for “local mowing service” and sees your ad tooled for general landscaping, it leaves the consumer with questions. Do they just do landscaping, or is mowing part of their service offering? You need to tailor different keywords to match up accurately with various ad campaigns you run. The goal is to tie the intent of the search with the ad itself.

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Directing All Traffic to Your Homepages

The specific page on your mobile site that consumers are directed to can have a big impact on whether or not they eventually call your business. If all of your keyword searches direct consumers to the homepage of your site, you’re not doing enough to guide them along the journey to purchase. Your Pay Per Call ads should have the right keywords associated with them, and direct them to mobile pages within your site that apply specifically to a given search.

For example, don’t make a consumer searching for HVAC companies that perform leak detection search through all the tabs on your mobile site. Assign the proper keyword “leak detection” to your Pay Per Call campaign, and ensure that link directs to your leak detection section on the mobile site so consumers can give it a quick glance and easily find your number to make an appointment.

Lack of Call Tracking

This can be the costliest error for any small business. If you’re spending money to generate more calls for your company, don’t you want to know what pushed people to call your company instead of the competition? If you have call tracking, you can determine which keywords and specific Pay Per Call ads directed a consumer to calling your company for lawn mowing services or air conditioner repair.