3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Small Business’ Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay Per Call campaigns are an increasingly popular tool for small businesses. With Pay Per Call, your company can attract new clients, drive revenue upward, and expand its brand image in your local community without breaking the bank. Pay Per Call is an affordable tool that brings powerful results. However, you cannot launch a Pay Per Call campaign without first preparing your strategy and approach to advertising.

In this blog post we will discuss three simple steps your company should follow as you prepare to launch a new Pay Per Call campaign. These steps will not only help ensure that you campaign is effective, but also help avoid costly adjustments down the road.

Define Your Budget

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is too important not to hammer home this point. Before you spend a single dollar with a Publisher, take the time to define a budget that your company can afford. The two most common mistakes in budgeting are spending too little and pulling out too soon. When defining your budget, find a starting point that provides enough capital to power your Pay Per Call campaign for an extended period of time. Additionally, don’t be discouraged if the results are not immediately impressive.

Far too many companies pull out of a Pay Per Call campaign before it has time to stretch its legs and reach consumers. This is just wasted money because at some point again in the future the company has to start all over again on a new campaign. Starting a new campaign is always more expensive than sustaining a successful existing campaign. On top of that, you need to invest enough capital initially to keep the campaign running long enough to start driving quality leads and providing feedback data that helps adjust the campaign in the future.

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Find a Reliable Publisher

At RingPartner, our job is to help you succeed with your Pay Per Call campaign. We’re here to help put your advertising dollars to work so that your number appears in front of the eyeballs of interested consumers. Proper budgeting is a must, but spending that money on a reliable Publisher is just as important. A good Publisher will not only help drive quality leads, but also provide you with feedback you can use. Look for a Publisher with call tracking, geo-targeting, and analytics feedback that can help you adjust and enhance your Pay Per Call campaign over time.

Prepare Your Staff

Last but not least, prepare yourself and your staff for the launch of your Pay Per Call campaign. Remember that you are paying for the leads generated by your campaign, so (silly as it sounds) it’s more important than ever to answer that phone when it’s ringing in the store/office. If necessary, train your staff on telephone etiquette and have some marketing “talking points” to ensure your employees are working hard to close deals when potential customers call.

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