3 Reasons Pay Per Call Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Pay Per Call is one of the strongest digital marketing tools that companies can use, but there are still those that don’t see the benefits. Pay Per Call has been around for decades in television and print media, but today Pay Per Call for digital marketing is undergoing a revolution that has made it beneficial on the web and in mobile marketing. Companies rely upon quality leads to help drive new consumers to their business that generate greater revenue.

If your company hasn’t considered Pay Per Call as part of its digital marketing strategy, we’ve put together three simple reasons why it should be.

Boost Mobile Performance

Web searches by consumers are migrating to mobile devices, and quickly. According to estimates from BIA/Kelsey, mobile searches will generate roughly 73 billion calls for businesses in 2018. Those figures mark a drastic increase from the 30 billion calls logged in 2013. Mobile devices offer a sort of anonymity that some consumers prefer, but the vast majority of consumers prefer to make phone calls.

Compared to other forms of connection with a business, the mobile Internet has empowered shoppers by allowing them to immediately speak with customer service representatives at companies immediately. Rather than filling out contact forms on a laptop, tablet, or desktop, consumers can click-to-call. Pay Per Call creates an avenue for consumers that is quick and easy.

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Monetize Your Traffic Effectively

Modern consumers have a lot of options when it comes to connecting with a business and making a purchase. The web empowers consumers by providing all the information they need, right at their fingertips. However, there are still plenty of people who want to engage on a more personal level. When it comes to products and services with high consideration, consumers want to talk to someone first.

A Google research study found that 70% of mobile searches will use click-to-call if it is available, indicating the importance of Pay Per Call as a channel in your digital marketing strategy. The majority of consumers reported a desire to call and speak to directly to a person when searching in industries such as insurance, travel, tech services, local professional services, and home services.

Increase Conversions and Transactions

Finally, Pay Per Call is a strong addition for your digital marketing strategy because it connects your business with people that are ready to buy. Inbound phone calls convert, on average, at a rate that is twice the rate of outbound dialing web leads. Customers that click to call your business are actively seeking a product or service. The fact that consumers have picked up the phone to call indicates their interest in high.

By comparison, consumers filling out a web form and receiving a call later are no longer at their peak interest. Studies have found that roughly ¼ of the web leads companies receive are ever contacted. When they do, interest has likely faded.