3 Tips for Better Mobile Marketing and Social Media Engagement

Your mobile marketing techniques might seem like a different train of thought than your approach to social media engagement, but these two tools are tightly connected to one another, perhaps more so than you realize. If you don’t think there’s a connection, perhaps the stats will change your mind. Marketing Land notes that as of December 2015, 80% of social media time is now spent on mobile devices, with 61% of that occurring through dedicated smartphone apps. Further, 1 in 5 minutes of all digital media usage now comes on social sites or social media apps. Recognizing a connection and taking advantage of it are two different concepts though. Here are some tips to help your business improve mobile marketing through social media activities.

Leverage Hyper-Targeting

All marketers target a particular audience or niche, but social media platforms also offer hyper-targeting techniques that allow your brand to advertise to local audiences. This is done by taking information from social media profiles of users and crafting a brand advertisement that speaks directly to those individuals. In doing so you develop a fine-grain vision on your audience.

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Analyze Mobile Data Analytics

With so much smartphone use, it’s easy for businesses to track the behavior of a social audience on mobile platforms. By auditing your social mobile marketing activities, you can analyze the search patterns of your users that is readily available through social media websites. As such, you can tweak your mobile marketing strategies for social media to bring your campaign in line with the mobile audience engaging with your brand via social media. The end result is higher engagement with potential leads. Google Analytics offers one of the strongest tools for analyzing and tracking social media campaigns on mobile platforms.

Start Listening

By this we mean social listening. Social messaging platforms are a preferred venue for mobile consumers to use in discussing their favorite brands, whether it’s a review of your product/service or simple gossip about your brand. You can learn about brand mentions and potential keywords from these social conversations, but you’ll need a social listening tool such as Mention (or one of the 100+ options of social media marketing tools reviewed on GetApp), in order to listen in on those conversations. Mention tracks mobile user mentions of your brand and any related keywords you use. You can then engage in those conversations down the road with intelligent contributions because you know what consumers are already talking about.

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