4 Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With more than half of the consumers in the US now relying upon mobile devices to stay connected to friends, work, email, and the Internet, it is important for your company to properly employ mobile marketing. RingPartner has shared countless insights on the value of mobile marketing, but in this post we’re going to look at some of the common mistakes companies make when developing mobile marketing game plans.

Limited Scope

People do an awful lot of things on their mobile devices, so it only makes sense to diversify the manner in which you approach mobile marketing. Consider the general usage patterns of individuals, according to Eleventy Group as cited by Entrepreneur: 75% of Gmail’s 900 million users check email via a mobile device, with 25% of mobile app use dedicated to social media. There are so many ways to reach your customer base with mobile marketing, so don’t restrict yourself to just one marketing vertical within this diverse field.

Missing the Target Demographic

Everyone from Google to Facebook provides businesses with insight powers that, let’s be honest, are a bit scary as a customer. These companies can track a great deal of customer movement and activity online, but if your business uses the wrong targeting techniques it can result in wasted time and money with no results. Too broad an approach, and you miss your target wildly. Too narrow, and you’ll miss out on some of the average consumers in your target demographic.

You can overcome this by using negative search terms to rule out showing your ad to searches less likely to be interested in your business based only upon words in their searches. On top of that, you can use the tools provided by Facebook, Google, and others to target your consumers based upon social media activity, past purchases with your brand, age, location, and even their social media interests.

Messy User Interface

If you want your consumers to enjoy a positive experience interacting with your brand, you need to ensure it is a seamless one from the get go. If customers open your weekly newsletter email on a mobile device, as we indicated earlier that the vast majority do, their mobile experience needs to be aligned with your brand throughout their interaction.

This means incorporating mobile specific features such as the option to login to existing accounts with social media credentials, use promo codes with the touch of a button, and an m-commerce platform that makes it easier for them to browse and pay quickly.

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Inconsistent Message and Weak Call-to-Action

Last but not least, if your mobile marketing strategy is going to be a diverse offering that connects with consumers across various touchpoints, it is vital that your message is consistent and your call-to-action is strong. Whether you’re sending out your weekly newsletter via email, sharing a promo code via social media, or offering app users exclusive deals, the message and tone from your business needs to be consistent to be effective.

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