4 Digital Marketing Tips for Home Service Providers

Companies, big or small, that provide home services are most concerned with where their company lands on search engine results pages (SERPs). Landing “above the fold” on SERPs can mean the difference between a steady flow of inquiries and relative obscurity on the web. Here’s four digital marketing tips that are geared toward improving the visibility of your home service company. From roofers and HVAC to lawn care and electricians, these tips will help your business immensely!

Think Seasonal

A lot of home services are cyclical throughout the year, with seasonal peaks. For example, no one gets a new roof put on their home in the dead of winter, and few companies would think to offer that. However, late winter is a great time to start advertising your roofing business to homeowners looking to get a jump on spring deals for new roofing. This seasonal approach is likewise applicable to other industries:

HVAC: Start promoting your winter furnace tune-ups around Labor Day, and spring AC tune-ups around Easter to captures those homeowners looking ahead on the calendar.

Landscaping: Late summer is the time to start reminding customers of your fall leaf clean-up services, while also compiling a service list for snow plowing as winter is just around the corner.

Go Local

Local search marketing is important, but so is the involvement of your business in the community. Seek out endorsements from your local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Homeowners looking for the home services you provide are more likely to go with a company that has these positive ratings and endorsements because it isn’t a leap of faith. At the same time, wisely spend some money on ads in local publications to reinforce your position in the community.

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Stay Informed

It never hurts to peak over the proverbial fence and have a look at the competition. What are competing businesses or similar industries doing to reach out to their customers? What kind of specials and offers are they running? When you understand what the competition is up to, you can better optimize your own digital marketing to take advantage. Look for blogs in your industry and follow social media to keep informed.

Track and Analyze

Digital marketing is one part action, and one part insight. If can’t track which marketing efforts are driving customers to your business, you are throwing money at the wall and hoping it sticks. Maybe those direct mailers aren’t catching anyone’s attention, but your social media campaigns have gone viral locally. If you track and analyze the performance of your digital marketing, you’ll be able to optimize your campaign and redirect funds toward those channels (social media, in this case) that are performing better than others (direct mailers).

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