4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch

When it comes to mobile marketing, there’s a lot to keep up with. We’ve sought out what trends you need to incorporate into your strategy in order to stay ahead. Though they may not be new technologies, their popularity is nothing to dismiss.

Engaging via Chatbots

While this technology is not new, it is one of the easiest ways to connect with customers searching for your business. According to the stats, there are over 300,000 bots on Facebook Messenger handling more than 8 billion monthly messages between users and businesses.

Chatbots aren’t just for answering questions. With simple set up, you can conduct customer surveys that receive higher engagement rates than emails or calls. You can even program them to book appointments and gather information. Chatbots are truly a gateway to your customer. Not only are you engaging your customer, you are getting to know them in a simple and effective way. What are you waiting for?

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Content is Key to Customer Success

This is one we’ve talked about before, and we’re going to say it again. Content is king. Customer’s are savvier than ever, and traditional mobile advertising is not going to cut it anymore. Your customer wants a genuine interaction, not a sales pitch. Be helpful and informative with the content you put out by providing value for the reader. Any more importantly, focus on quality, not quantity. You’ll find yourself gaining more loyalty, and repeat customers.

Don’t forget to optimize your content for a mobile experience. Remember, consumers are becoming savvier, more selective, and less patient. They won’t hesitate to close an ad without reading or exit a page full of sales pitches.

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Voice Search on the Rise

People are more often turning to voice search to find the answers they need most. Earlier this year, a study found there were an estimated 1 billion voice searches done per month. While this figure includes both mobile and in-home searches, the popularity of voice search is nothing to discount.

So what does this mean for marketers? Well, it means your content and website need to be optimized for voice search. When optimizing for voice searches, think less technical, and more conversational. Voice search done by voice tends to be longer than a query that is typed out since they are often posed as full conversation questions, rather than keywords. Make sure your content answers key questions consumers may be asking and offer unique insights.

With more than half of all smartphone users engaging in voice search, it’s not one to miss out on.

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Mobile First

The topic that comes up again and again. While it may seem obvious, every interaction you have with your customers and viewers should be optimized for mobile, sometimes even prioritized over desktop search.

It’s obvious that more consumers are using mobile when it comes to shopping, but let’s pair that with a couple statistics:

  • 46% of people say they would not purchase from a brand again if they had an interruptive mobile experience

  • Nearly 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location

  • 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on Mobile

We can easily see that consumers are looking to have an equal (or better) experience on a mobile site, and are looking for the process to be quick and easy.  On mobile, a customer will not hesitate to exit the page if it is not intuitive or easy to use. Site load, the need for scrolling, and intuitive menus will all need to be taken into account when optimizing for mobile. Make sure to enable auto-fill to make forms simpler than ever. Enhancing the user experience is what it’s all about.

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By incorporating these 4 trends into your digital strategy, you can keep up to date of where your customers are, and what they are looking for. Happy optimizing!

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