4 Reasons You Need Google Call-Only Ads in Your Pay Per Call Campaign

As a small-business owner, you represent the little guy fighting for your piece of the pie in a giant, global marketplace. While major corporations are often viewed as the enemy, that doesn’t mean you should shun all of the services they offer. Few companies have the global brand and reach of Google, but that comes with positives that can help small businesses too.

This year marked the exciting addition of Call-Only Ads to Google’s beloved AdWords. Whether you love or hate Google, ignoring this powerful boost to your Pay Per Call campaign is folly. Here’s four reasons you should be using Call-Only Ads to enhance your Pay Per Call strategies.

Smartphones Cannot be Ignored

You simply cannot afford to ignore the impact of smartphones on consumer decision-making. The mobile landscape is only going to continue to grow, and the addition of Call-Only ads by Google is recognition of that fact. The old call extensions option offered a bridge to mobile from AdWords, but it wasn’t sufficient enough. Google’s own statistics show that 79% of smartphone owners shop from their devices, 82% of mobile shoppers use their devices to determine what they will buy, and 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly based upon results.

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Phone Numbers are Front and Center

The easiest way to get more consumers to call your business and make quality connections is to prominently display your business number. While the old call extensions feature of AdWords placed your business number “somewhere” on the page, Call-Only Ads gives your business number prime real estate in an ad. It is the first thing consumers see, with the word “CALL” integrated next to it. Talk about a call-to-action!

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Easy Access for Consumers

The power of Pay Per Call is the ability to quickly link consumers to your business. When they search and search online for answers and information, there is the potential for flip-flopping or opting for a competitor. With Call-Only ads, your potential consumers can connect with your business in a heartbeat. The click-to-call button is prominently displayed in all Call-Only ads, enabling consumers to search, see your ad, and call in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple.

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Direct Line to Your Small Business

Call-Only ads are a direct connection to your business. When online searchers see your ad, click a link to your landing page, read information, search some more, and eventually decide to call, there is a lot of time for confusion to creep into the decision-making process and research to take them to a competitor’s website.

The moment a consumer sees your Call-Only ads as part of your Pay Per Call strategy, they can call your business to speak with someone directly. This gives you the opportunity to provide clear, concise information, and convert leads to revenue.