4 Ways to Use Click-to-Call in Your Business Marketing Campaigns

Click-to-call is a powerful addition to any Pay Per Call marketing campaign, or even general online marketing campaign. The concept behind it is simple. You add click-to-call buttons to your mobile ad campaigns, and when consumers see the ads and have questions, rather than be directed to a website they can simply click the button and connect with your business. However, click-to-call remains a bit of an under-the-radar tool. Google found in 2013 that just 5% of small- and medium-sized businesses use it. So, how can you use click-to-call to connect with your customers?

Use it to Expand Traffic

Click-to-call allows you to expand the traffic to your business, and can easily be used through popular systems like Google’s AdWords. You can choose between a Google forwarding number, third-party tracking system number, or even your personal cell. The point is you drive customers with immediate questions to call your business rather than just visit your site and try to find answers to their questions.

Use it to Answer Questions Quickly

At least 50% of shoppers respond in surveys that they would rather call a business to get more information. This ranges from questions on inventory availability and pricing to incentives for shopping with your business. To make a long story short, providing a click-to-call option makes it easier for this significant portion of the consumer base to get the answers they need in a quicker fashion than lead forms.

Use it to Identify Your Own Quality Callers

Many Pay Per Call systems help businesses get directly to the targeted market they are looking for, and when combined with automated phone systems you can ensure that your service team members are answering calls worth your time and money. When a customer calls your company, that’s a hot lead because they have an interest in your product or service.

However, it’s not always easy for callers to find your number nor is it necessarily a given that they’re the kind of hot leads that will convert. They may have a simple question such as “where are you located and what are your hours?” While that is valuable information to provide, it doesn’t exactly constitute a hot lead as you have no appointment set and no way of knowing if that individual will show up today, tomorrow, or next month.

A click-to-call button on your ads not only makes it incredibly easy for consumers to connect with your brand, but you can control which ad pages the button goes on. Placing it on your “Contact Us” or “Request More Information” page increases the chances that the individual calling is interested in making a purchasing decision in the near future.

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Use it to Drive Sales

Customers that fill out lead forms aren’t exactly in a buying frame of mind. While they are no doubt interested in more info, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to purchase now. Worse, if they are in the mood to purchase but a lead form is all they can find, they’re likely to move on to the competition rather than waiting for a response from your business.

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When dealing with local services, for example, nearly 73% of shoppers prefer to call a business and make an appointment rather than use lead forms or online appointment schedulers. Add to this the fact that some 56% of calls from a mobile search occur within 60 minutes of the initial search, and a picture emerges of a consumer ready to buy, but not yet in contact with a business.

Adding a click-to-call button makes it easier for your consumers to connect with your business, set an appointment or make a purchase, and as a result can boost your sales in the long run.

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