5 Major SEO Mistakes With Mobile Marketing

SEO is a huge part of mobile marketing strategies. Since SEO is a constantly evolving concept, it’s only natural to make mistakes when implementing strategies. The only problem with this is that sometimes it’s almost impossible to recover from this type of failure. There are a few mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid to ensure you have the highest possible chance for success with your SEO strategy.

Avoid Spammy SEO Strategies

Spammy SEO strategies will rarely get you anything but penalized. Most SEO mistakes are simply the reverse of an effective strategy. Buying links and submitting your link to a low quality directory isn’t a smart strategy. Search engines are getting more sophisticated, and search algorithms are improved upon and modified; sooner or later those shady, spammy strategies will lead to a much lower ranking.

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Don’t Ignore Local

Local search is huge, especially in mobile marketing. The better the local presence is for a business, the higher the CTR. Conversions generally align with upward momentum indicated by the preceding statistics.  A strong local presence can assist a business in establishing legitimacy and brand trust.

Don’t Write for Search

One of the biggest mistakes people engage in when vying for a top search spot is writing for search engines. This strategy seems sound to most people because SEO implies that you’re optimizing your site for search engines, but this is not the case. You’re optimizing for search, and people do the searching; you need to produce quality content that solves problems and answers questions for the people that make use of search engines. The problem posed by writing for search engines is that you may or may not be lucky enough to get traffic, but even if you do, the traffic you do get probably won’t lead to any conversions.

Use a Multi-Pronged Approach

You have to have a multi-pronged approach to achieve visibility. You should never focus only on one area of SEO. You should incorporate paid advertising, social media, blog marketing, email marketing, and other types of content into your total strategy. When you diversify your inbound visibility, then you’ll start realizing your best traction.

Be Careful Who You Trust

It’s important to use caution when entrusting your marketing efforts to another individual or company. Cheap or inexperienced SEO can often do more harm than good. It’s vital to be realistic about timelines and costs when reaching for SEO success, because “get-quick-results” tactics ultimately backfire, only to leave you worse off than when you started.

Everyone makes mistakes, but SEO mistakes can be costly. Following these tips can help you ensure that you achieve the highest ranking possible for your business. Not everyone can be like one of these amazing SEO experts, but using these tips you can make sure that your website has a fighting chance to stay competitive. Ignoring these simple strategies can lead to your site lagging behind the competition, or worse, being penalized by Google.

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