Google AdWords Editor Updated to Support Call-Only Ads

It’s official, Google has introduced its newest AdWords Editor update to include Call-Only Ads (among a few other very useful features).

For Google’s own official blog post click here, for our summarized run-down, read below:

The Call-Only ad feature was only introduced in late February of this year, but has been a hit for advertisers to reach their ever growing mobile consumer market. With Call-Only Ads now on the AdWords Editor platform, they can be created and managed with even greater ease and efficiency.

Although the Call-Only Update is the one that affects us at RingPartner (and other Pay-Per-Call marketers) the most; the other updates Google provided yesterday are also worth noting.

1. Labels

Any account manager knows, once campaigns get big and boisterous, organization is key. Labels keep things neat and tidy and allow keywords to be easily split up into groups in terms of relevance. Labels can now be created, edited and deleted in AdWords Editor.

2. Upgraded URLs

Google only introduced Upgraded URLs earlier this year, an excellent time saver for managing URL tracking information. Now you have the ability to upgrade your destination URLs using AdWords Editor and then manage and track them at scale—life saver.

3. Ads in Mobile Apps

This update is huge, as it addresses the vastly growing number of people who are using mobile apps. Not only can you show your ads in mobile apps, but you also have the ability to choose certain categories of apps (like Games or Music), or even the specific app; all from the convenience of AdWords Editor.

4. Custom Affinity Audiences

Creating your own affinity audiences means setting the parameters of the demographic you want your Google Display Ads to be seen by. This includes gender, age, and now, most recently, parental status.

Along with these updates, one will also notice some pleasant upgrades to the AdWords Editor UI, which is always appreciated.

To Download AdWords Editor 11.1.1 (or upgrade), click on this link to start running your Google AdWords campaigns at maximum efficiency and scale. Any questions feel free to comment below, or send a tweet to @RingPartner.

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