Call Intelligence and Paid Search: A Match Made in Heaven

For the better part of the last decade, paid search platforms have allowed marketing teams to generate lists of contact names for businesses. Marketing dollars directed toward paid search in an effort to drive web traffic up for business sites, and in turn the hope is that visitors will fill out submission forms with contact information. What good does any of this do if people leave false information? On top of that, it has been shown that roughly 30% of leads are never even contacted.

What if paid search dollars could be used to generate leads that were truly valuable? Paid search’s new best friend should be call intelligence in your Pay Per Call campaign. Why?

Stop Ignoring Calls

The goal for your company should be getting customers on the phone to generate sales for the business, so why not actively pursue those valuable prospects? Call intelligence provides accurate information that allows your company to better target consumers who are most likely to need your products or services. According to marketers and industry analysts, more than half (57%) of companies admit that sales teams prefer calls to web leads.

Call Intelligence: What it Does

If you rely on digital tracking to analyze web traffic and submission-form leads, call intelligence won’t be a foreign language for you. Rather than tracking information in URLs, call intelligence instead tracks phone numbers. This allows you to look back at the digital journey of individual callers. You’ll learn about the keywords that callers used, ads that caught their attention, and/or landing pages that spurred them to call your business. With this information, you’ll have a better understand of the marketing verticals that attract consumers in a spending mood and allow you to make better bids for online ads.

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Paid Search and Call Intelligence Together

Putting these two pieces together allows you to bridge the information gap that often exists in paid search. Call intelligence makes it easier to visualize the entirety of your caller’s digital journey from start to finish. Far too many companies ignore call intelligence in their Pay Per Call campaigns, and are doing so to their own detriment. If you don’t think people prefer calls, consider these final statistics on the rising number of inbound calls:

  • Insurance companies have seen a 111% year-over-year (YoY) increase in calls recently
  • Financial services firms have seen 70% YoY increases
  • Home services have seen 91% YoY increases

Paid search and call intelligence work decently apart. Combine the two into your Pay Per Call campaign, and you’re marketing dollars will generate greater calls and potential sales for your business, boosting ROI in the long run.

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