5 Pay-Per-Call Features for Creating a Winning Mobile Strategy

The growing penetration of mobile usage has opened up a complete new world to all online marketing companies. Instead of going through the evolution of mobile marketing strategy, we can immediately head towards the Pay-Per-Call tips that can really help in higher mobile conversions. All mobile strategy must be drawn around the primary point, which is to give more options to the users to call. According to research, 70% of the mobile-based searches translate into calls and about 41% of searches for businesses gets converted into calls. Thus the mobile users are mostly action-driven and the mobile searches can be used to run pay-per-call campaigns.

Publishers as well as advertisers can use the pay-per-call campaigns to target the mobile users, which would lead to higher conversions, qualified callers data and a higher marketing ROI. Here are the five ways how the efficiency of mobile strategies can be enhanced with pay-per-click:

1. Increase in Click-Through-Rates

It has been observed that the ads carrying phone numbers have higher click-through-rates. The use of Call Extensions in Google AdWords makes the ads bigger with the phone number being prominently displayed; this lends credibility to the ads and makes them more clickable. The customers will find your business more accessible when you have tap-to-call links on your landing page or on an ad.

2. Greater Conversions

The higher number of phone calls leads to greater conversions and it has been observed that customers who call are more likely to make purchases than the ones who just click on an ad. The customers will get personal attention when they call and the qualified sales executives are likely to answer all their queries and eliminate any doubts. Thus, the customers do not abandon when they face problems and end up making purchases.

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3. Improvement in the Traffic Quality

The majority of the popular platforms for Pay-Per-call campaigns use better call routing and filters for funneling in only quality traffic. Thus, the valuable time of your executives is not wasted and they get to pitch their products with qualified customers who are more likely to make a purchase.

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4. Call Routing Can Be Customized

You will be able to route the calls to the appropriate departments by using the call routing feature. Thus the customer service calls can be routed differently from the sales calls.

5. Actionable Data

You have the actionable data with you while using Pay-Per-Call. All the calls can be analyzed and insights from the analytics can be used to fine tune the marketing strategy. Marketing performance and customer behavior can be analyzed with real ease, which would lead to better campaigns and higher conversion.