5 Powerful Tips to Make Your Videos Convert

Video content has quickly become the most powerful tool for digital marketers. According to survey data, 54% of consumers prefer branded video content over email (46%) or social media images (41%). In a given month, 43% of consumers interact with branded videos compared to photos (36%) and written content (18%). Given the choice, consumers clearly prefer to view video content over photos and written text. The following tips can help create video content for Pay Per Call campaigns that generates higher conversion rates.

Add Custom Thumbnail Images

First impressions make a difference, and if brands want to improve conversions there needs to be a better focus on first impressions. The simple addition of a thumbnail image to video content with a smiling human face can increase conversions. People are naturally drawn toward a smile as a sign of friendliness and openness, and a 5-week A/B test comparing a smiling thumbnail to content without a smiling face found that the content with the smiling face increased profits by 10.7%.

Connect Creative Reviews

Testimonials have long been used in Pay Per Call and other digital marketing efforts, but there’s a new approach to testimonials and placement that can improve video content conversion. Rather than focus solely on testimonials, include creative customer reviews within the content of a video. The raw text from customer reviews posted to the brand website can be worked into the language of the video content to promote products/services. This helps the video content connect better with customers because they hear the feedback of other shoppers who’ve already engaged with the brand positively.

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Target the Skeptics

Keep friends close, and enemies closer. OK, so skeptics aren’t enemies, but they do require a higher level of convincing to get them to pick up the phone after seeing Pay Per Call video content. In order to boost video conversions, create some video content targeted right at the skeptics to try and convert them to believers. By targeting those who are interested, but not convinced, brands can improve conversions by including the following highlights in video content for skeptics:

  • Explain why the product comes with no risk and offer guarantees of its value
  • Cite scientific data (when applicable) that showcases the value of the product/service
  • Use how-to videos to demonstrate products in action
  • Film testimonials from existing customers or endorsements from prior skeptics who tried it and are now believers

Keep It Short and Entertaining

Attention spans are short in the digital era. What interests a consumer now isn’t going to interest them 10 minutes from now. In fact, video analytics data has shown that the first minute is the make-or-break moment of video content. More than 80% of viewers stick with a video through the first 30 seconds of content. From the half-minute to 1-minute mark, just under 80% of viewers are still watching. By the 4-minute mark however, only 60% of original viewers are still watching. What’s the takeaway? For video content to convert viewers, it needs to be short and immediately engaging.

Go Live!

Finally, try going live with video content. Use Facebook Live and other live-streaming platforms to connect with viewers in a moment of openness. Live video content displays a genuine side to the brand that viewers connect with, and it also provides a sense of personality while associating a face with the brand. This sense of authenticity is more likely to generate brand loyalty and increase conversions.

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