5 Reasons Mobile Marketers Fail to Profit

In a lot of ways, mobile marketing isn’t that much different from traditional desktop methods of online promotion. While it can be a bit tricky to hit a target that’s literally moving, mobile marketing is ultimately one of the best ways to promote a campaign nowadays. Whether you’re using email, organic content, PPC or Pay Per Call, a few basic principles will always apply. To ensure that your mobile marketing campaigns go off without a hitch, avoid the following common missteps…

Targeting the Wrong Audience

If you don’t do your market research before embarking on a promotional campaign for a particular offer, you’re setting yourself up for failure. On occasion, you’ll find that a promotion doesn’t convert a seemingly appropriate audience in the way that you thought it would. That’s why using advanced web analytics in the early stages of a campaign is so important. If a campaign isn’t salvageable, you can cut anchor and try another offer without wasting too much money or time.

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Focusing On the Wrong Locale

It goes without saying that mobile marketing is an inherently location-specific discipline. Correctly tailoring a promotional campaign to net returns in a given area is what trips up most mobile marketers. Though there are plenty of free geo-targeting tools available online, you still need to do the appropriate multivariate testing to hit pay dirt. Learning to segment consumer demographics based on location is a skill that mobile marketers must master to be successful.

Promoting Inappropriate Offers

Even if you’ve got your target audience nailed down pretty well, you’re not going to get anywhere with them if you don’t serve up the right promotions at the right time. Once again, the critical ingredient in any effective mobile marketing campaign is close analysis of your initial feedback. You need to look at which offers will appeal to your consumers based on their buying life cycles and mobile spending habits to come out on top.

Beating Around the Bush

In the mobile marketing game, time is understandably of the essence. Mobile consumers are looking to make immediate purchases, so you generally have a pretty narrow window of opportunity to convert leads. Taking the direct approach is therefore of the utmost importance. Knowing what your potential customers want and when they want it is the cornerstone of any effective campaign. Pitch consumers offers using the fewest number of words or images as possible to avoid losing their attention.

Giving Up After the First Try

Far too many mobile marketers take no for an answer far too easily. If at first you don’t succeed, try re-directing your leads to another, more attractive offer using SMS blasts or email discounts. That doesn’t mean that you have to badger leads over the head with your pitches. Just be sure to have multiple competing offers chambered and ready to go if the first one doesn’t sway your target audience.

The Mobile Marketing
X Factor

Even experienced marketers are prone to developing counterproductive habits that stymie their efforts. What few realize is that mobile marketing success is difficult if not impossible to achieve on your own nowadays. Especially when it comes to Pay Per Call marketing, having the right ad network to rely on for support is critical. When partnered with a network that has a record for producing results, the only limit to your mobile marketing profits is your imagination.

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