Valuable Tips to Help You Gain More Calls from Local Searches

As a small business, your Pay Per Call campaign has the potential to enjoy immense success in local searches. While multinational corporations thrive in markets around the globe, your focus is on your local market. This means that you should be focusing the majority of your marketing spend on the consumers in your local market. With a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to generate more calls from your Pay Per Call campaign that originate from local searches.

Optimize Your Landing Page

What does your landing page have to do with generating more calls from local search? Well, the truth is that a good landing page can have a greater impact than you might imagine. Your landing page is the first interaction consumers have with your brand after conducting a local search. The information provided on that page needs to be fresh and relevant; otherwise consumers are going to lose interest quickly and move on to a competitor.

You can improve your landing page by testing copy, tracking conversion flows, and improve the look and feel of your click-to-call button to help drive more calls and quality leads. A good landing page generates more calls with less money spent on marketing, making it a cost-effective approach.

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Lean on Call Analytics

Research from various industry analysts found that 38% of mobile local searches are conducted by consumers in the middle of or near the end of the conversion funnel. What does this mean? It means that mobile searchers are in the mood to purchase, which makes them high-value leads. Additional numbers show that 80% of local mobile searches result in a purchase.

Use call analytics from your distribution partner to optimize your Pay Per Call campaign and continue to target those local searches that generate high-value leads from consumers ready to make a purchase today.

Don’t Hide Your Number

This final tip might seem obvious, but your business phone number needs to be visible. The easier it is for consumers to find and call your number, the better. Landing pages, search ads, and banner ads are all excellent options for displaying your business number. Using analytics, you can determine which of those locations provides prominent placement for your number.

Mobile phone calls are critical to small businesses. Unfortunately, far too many fail to optimize their Pay Per Call campaign to connect mobile paid search and phone calls. With a little attention to detail, you can boost the number of calls coming into your business from local searches.

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