5 Super Simple SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very complex and lengthy process, especially when you’re attempting to rank for a highly competitive term or keyword. But, before you can even consider competing with the best, you have to take care of the basics. Here are 5 super simple SEO tips, plus a bonus, to help you start to achieve higher search engine results rankings.


Links are probably the most important factor in determining the ranking of your website. But, not only external links from other sites, but internal links are important as well. Each link to your site is like a vote, or an endorsement, for your site and the more links/votes you have the more credible your site is and the higher it will rank in the search engine results.

In order to obtain more links to your site from other sites you can ask business partners, friends and colleagues to link to you, but choose sites that are relevant and seek out good quality links, not just a high quantity of links. Internal links are also important and when you are creating internal links you should link relevant keywords and content to relevant pages on your site.

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Page Titles

Each page of your site needs to have a page title and it should be specific to the content on that page, meaning each page title should be unique. An optimized page title will have the target keyword within it and be approximately 6 to 7 words long. Like this – <title>Find Auto Insurance</title>


Header tags should be used to draw a visitor’s eyes to important content on a page, but they should also be used to add keywords. A search engine will review your site’s H1, H2, H3 tags to get an idea of what the page is about and what the key topic of the page is. So, be sure to put keywords within your page’s headings. And use the headings in order, H1 first, then H2 and H3, don’t skip using a header.


The images on your site are there to give your page an appealing look and design, but be sure to add an alt tag to each image on your site, and be sure the alt tag is relevant to the content of the image and the page.


A blog is a great way to generate fresh, relevant content that both search engines and your users will love. Managing a blog is not an easy task, but if it’s done correctly the rewards are well worth it. You can use one of the many blog systems available, like TumblrWordPressDrupal, etc. Just be sure to tie it into your website and link content and keywords to your website.

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Bonus: Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions won’t help improve your rankings on a search engines, but they can help entice users that find your page in search engine results to click on your link over one of your competitors. Make your meta descriptions about 50 words, or 140 characters, and be sure to mention your target keywords within the description.

Example: Find Auto Insurance near you and choose the best possible price from many different providers and plans. Don’t wait, search for your best plan with Auto Insurance Genie today.”