5 Unique Ways to Use Pay Per Call Marketing

After languishing in obscurity for years, Pay Per Call marketing is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Its massive potential and sky-high conversion rates have caught the attention of businesses around the web who are looking for an online marketing edge in a cutthroat industry. Of course, gems such as Pay Per Call don’t remain hidden for long and competition is really starting to heat up. Here are 5 killer Pay Per Call secrets your rivals probably haven’t considered.

Offer Specific Incentives to Callers

If you’d like to really explode call volume and conversions, you might want to consider offering special discounts to those that call in. For instance, if you’re using Google AdWords Call Extensions you can include a special enticement in your PPC ads for live callers. Seeing as how Pay Per Call marketing already boasts far better conversion rates than mere text ads online, this may sway potential customers you might have missed otherwise.

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Reserve Pay Per Call for High-Margin Sales

As with PPC, the costs of Pay Per Call promotion can add up quickly while you’re perfecting your campaigns. The main difference is that PPC is better for more predictable but lower-margin campaigns. Pay Per Call, on the other hand, can be a trickier and more volatile market. Therefore, it’s best to use it to promote high-margin products and services that will guarantee decent returns on time and money spent.

Aggressively Pursue Longer Call Times

The research on Pay Per Call marketing clearly demonstrates that there’s a definite correlation between lengthier call times and better conversion rates. This makes sense, as a serious potential client will ask a certain number of buying questions if they’re really interested. You can improve your chances of succeeding in Pay Per Call marketing by choosing networks that manage to consistently deliver longer call times for all manner of campaigns across the board.

Geo-Target Your Ads

As with every other form of online marketing, it’s quite easy to geo-target your Pay Per Call ads for greater effectiveness with an alarming degree of accuracy. Seasoned PPC veterans should be quite familiar with the ins and outs of segmenting their target demographics based on location. The nice thing about Pay Per Call is that you can easily serve up different phone numbers for different local markets, making ROI for any given campaign child’s play to determine.

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Communicate Regularly with Your Network

The rate that’s charged for any given call-based lead depends on a great many factors. If a payment structure isn’t working for you, contact your Pay Per Call network provider and ask them what they can do for you. Experienced affiliates understand the importance of working with networks to get the most from any campaign. Pay Per Call can be a winning proposition for advertisers, publishers and networks alike with a bit of collaboration.

Achieving Pay Per Call Perfection

Depending on your business model and long-term goals, Pay Per Call can be just the tactic you’ve been looking for to jump start sales. Though it may seem confusing at first, it’s not brain surgery. Pay Per Call success comes down to crunching the numbers and fine-tuning campaigns until they yield results. By approaching the medium from a different angle than your marketing rivals, you’ll be that much further ahead of the game.