5 Ways Pay Per Call Can Enhance Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is likely something that you have heard all about. The huge amount of growth it has expended and why it should be your first priority. Instead of providing a long history and back story on the various mobile strategies, here you will learn how your strategy can get and edge.

The Pay Per Call Mobile Opportunity

In order to create a successful mobile strategy you will have to give customers the ability to call. While mobile devices are phones, they are also gaming devices, cameras and a constant connection to the Internet. However, placing a call is the native function and the obvious next step for any mobile user. Check out these stats:

  • 70 percent of all the local and mobile searches will result in an actual call
  • When a person completes a mobile search they are almost 40 percent more likely to contact a business via phone

Your mobile audience is extremely action-driven, which means that a mobile search is a prime channel for any pay per call campaign. The consumers that are completing these searches are goal oriented and looking for an immediate solution or answer. In the majority of situations, the fastest way for a conversion is to simply make a call. After all, who wants to have to enter credit card or personal information on a tiny phone screen?

When you implement pay per call campaigns in their advertisements it can lead to a larger number of campaigns, higher quality leads and ultimately an enhanced marketing ROI – the phone is definitely powerful.

Increased Click Through Rates

When you include a phone number in an ad, it will result in a higher click through rate. They provide credibility to your ad and when you use Google AdWords Call Extensions for the display of a phone number, it will create a larger ad that is more clickable.

More and Higher Value Conversions

A phone call refers to extremely valuable traffic. In fact a customer that makes a phone call is up to 10 times more likely to actually make a purchase than a simple click. Callers also usually spend more time than an online searcher. This is because callers are engaged actively. They are actually connecting with the ad placer during their point of highest interest.

A Higher Quality of Traffic

Pay per call companies will also provide a number of quality filters and routing features. You should not waste your time, resources or the selling opportunities on any wrong numbers, accidental dials or low quality traffic, which is a common issue when it comes to the mobile crowd.

Ability to Customize Call Routing Specifications

When you have call routing features, you are also able to automatically transfer the caller to the proper line. The majority of businesses want the ability to route the sales calls in a different manner than the customer service calls. You will have the ability to route the calls based on a number of factors including the caller’s actual geographic location, which is extremely valuable for mobile users that are location minded.

Actionable Data

When you utilize pay per call you will be armed with data. When you are working with mobile marketing, there is no better tool. Each call will be accompanied with a large number of valuable insights and analytics that will let you know who your target audience is, allowing you to market to them even better. Determine what keywords are resulting in high quality phone calls, both paid and organic and you have valuable data that will help you create even more money-making calls.