5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is key to ensuring that the customers you have today will come back tomorrow. Consumers that are loyal to one brand will forgo shopping with other companies or buying competing products because they feel an attachment, a loyalty, to one particular brand. How can you build this kind of brand loyalty yourself?

Be Consistent

One of, if not the most, important factors in building brand loyalty is providing consistency to customers. Consistency comes in a lot of forms, from the message you are sending out to your consumers to the actual quality of the service or product in question. Every time they interact with the brand, they should get the same experience.

Make Building a Connection Easy

Another important step in building brand loyalty is providing consumers with options when it comes to contacting your brand and staying in touch. Don’t just rely on email newsletters or lead forms online. Develop a multichannel communications plan that includes print and email newsletters, social media connections, surveys, and blog posts.

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Use Opt-in Data Policies

Every modern consumer is accustomed to getting bombarded with texts or emails from a brand when signing up, but why not use a purposeful opt-in data policy that personalizes the message for consumers? This way you can deliver information that is relevant to the individual consumer and emphasize the unique value your company offers to them.

Promote Your Core Values

As part of your consistent messaging, your branding of a business should focus on the core values it holds dear. When consumers can identify with the mission and core values of the company it becomes much easier to build brand loyalty in the long run. As Forbes notes, TOMS shoes did this perfectly by promising to donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every shoe a consumer purchased. It resonated with consumers and generated intense loyalty.

Use Social Media to Showcase Brand Value and Customer Appreciation

Social media is an incredibly effective means of building brand loyalty. Social media not only allows you another point of access to your consumers and helps start a conversation, but it also allows you to show the company’s appreciation for fans by liking, sharing, and posting their content as well.

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