Boosting Your Small Business Brand with Effective Holiday Marketing

When it comes to the holiday shopping season in the United States, most businesses focus on bringing in money and getting into the black for the year. However, the holidays present small businesses with a chance to boost their brand with a few special holiday marketing ideas. While the success of your business is always important, there are steps you can take to entrench your brand in the minds of consumers without focusing solely on making a buck in the process.

Get a Little Festive Online

Everyone gets into the holiday spirit in the weeks leading up to Christmas. People decorate homes, municipal governments decorate parks. Why shouldn’t you decorate your business website and social media platforms? Consider giving your primary company logo a little holiday twist. Add the traditional green and red color scheme, or hang a wreath from your design. Use it as the primary photo on social media and put some holiday cheer into the visuals on your website. You just might find your customers in a happier mood, and more willing to spend in the process.

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Send Out a Unique Greeting Card

Sending customers and clients a holiday card during the Christmas season is a tactic employed by many businesses. However, when you stop to consider the number of cards consumers are already getting from family, friends, and other businesses, yours might get lost in the shuffle. Switch things up a bit and send a Thanksgiving card to your customers and clients, or try sending a New Year’s card instead thanking them for their business in 2015, and offering them a special discount on their first purchase/order in 2016.

Launch New Promotions and Giveaways

Speaking of those greeting cards, this is the perfect time of year to offer limited-time giveaways or promote new product launches. Consumers are in the mood to buy, so it can’t hurt to introduce something new that might grab their attention. That New Year’s card could include varying offers for 2016, such as free shipping in addition a one-time steep discount.

Give Back

If you want your small business to be a part of the community, give back in some small way. For all the consumerism that envelops the holidays, it is still a time of sharing and caring. By giving back, no matter how big or small the donation, you establish your brand as a trusted and valuable member of the local community. Consumers won’t quickly forget that charitable giving, and will be more apt to shop with you year-round in the aftermath of your charitable donations during the holidays.

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