Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Pay Per Call Strategies

The year 2014 represented another year of massive growth in the mobile sector, and an increased focus on digital strategies by marketers. The rise of mobile and parallel growth in Pay Per Call has created a gap between the two strategies. Unfortunately, many marketers have established a base of operations firmly on one side of the divide, choosing to focus on all things digital. From digital forms to conversions and analytics, marketers have gone digital-crazy in both mobile and Pay Per Call strategies.

If marketers are willing to cross the bridge and look more closely at the Pay Per Call side of the gap, they’ll find a more holistic approach to paid search strategies that offers a bright future in terms of better conversion rates and more satisfied customers.

Believe It or Not, People Want to Talk

Smartphones have become synonymous with anything but talking in the 21st century. We use our phones to check email, text with our friends, Snapchat with groups, and search for the closest coffee shop to grab a latte. What happens when people use those phones to make mobile searches and actually want quick results? Believe it or not, they use their phones to make calls.

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Despite a focus on digital form fill-ins and click-through rates, marketers increasingly believe consumers are not comfortable using their smartphones to fill out forms. Some 40% of marketers believe this to be true. Besides, when consumers conduct mobile searches for products/services, they don’t really want to fill out forms. What does this mean for your business? It means a lot of good things.

Market research found that 75% of consumers view phone calls as the quickest way to get responses. 89% of conversions on local mobile searches occur offline. On top of that, 70% of mobile users have called a business directly from a SERP listing using click-to-call features. Pay Per Call, together with mobile marketing, generates these results.

Calls Equal Sales

Pay Per Call has the power to make a dramatic impact on high-consideration purchases, such as insurance, financial, and home services. Mobile search is dramatically boosting inbound call volume, with calls to insurance companies increasing 111% year over year (YoY), financial services 70% YoY, and home services 91% YoY.

Inbound calls to businesses in these sectors represent high-value customers in the mood to purchase. Pay Per Call is the only way to attract these people. Someone ready to purchase isn’t going to waste time and effort filling out a form.

Your business shouldn’t opt for Pay Per Call instead of mobile marketing strategies, but rather, used in conjunction with a strong mobile strategy. Mobile marketing strategies get your number in front of consumers in a purchasing mood, and Pay Per Call closes the loop with an easy mode of connection to complete sales and increase revenue.

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