Google Announces New ‘Call-Only’ Ad Type for Adwords

No one is likely to accuse Google of resting on their laurels, and their latest offering is only destined to bolster their credibility when it comes to opening new frontiers in marketing opportunities. Recently announced, the Internet ranking giant has targeted the mobile market with the ability to offer phone call conversion campaigns. Recognizing the inherent mobility of a shopping population armed with versatile smartphones, Google’s announcement promises to be a game changer for those advertisers targeting the consumer on the go, and for Pay Per Call exchanges alike.

New “Call-Only” Ad Campaigns

Consider the average pay-per-click (PPC) advertising formula. Under that rubric, desktop PPC advertising directs clicks to a landing page that are paid for by the advertiser. Typically speaking, for users of this system, clients lose up to 19 out of 20 potential prospects owing to the inconvenience of the diversion to your landing page. Even when landing pages are highly optimized, at least half of your hits will be valued at less than junk status upon delivery. This is because of the lag time in which you have to reach out to the prospect with salient information for them.

With a mobile “call only” approach however, rather than being diverted to the web, customer inquiries are directed directly to the advertiser’s phone. This affords the unique ability to capture 100% of incoming inquiries in real time. As mentioned, Google’s call-only ad campaign is a game changer for Pay Per Call advertisers when it comes to reaching out to potential customers.

The Essence of Convenience

The compelling feature of the call-only campaign is the fact that heretofore, advertisers needed to go through the trouble of connecting ads to ad extensions, but under this new program, the process is entirely streamlined for efficiency. With Google’s new offering, advertisers may opt to select this option at the campaign level making the entire process fairly intuitive. Additionally, advertisers are now allowed to totally opt-out from buying the less valuable desktop clicks which was not an option previously.

As it is estimated that 2015 will be the breakout year for mobile applications, it is expected that mobile search volumes will exceed desktop searches for the first time ever, it is readily apparent why Google is launching this compelling advertising option now. After all, why invite inquiring customers to visit a landing page when you can encourage them to call you directly to talk to you on the phone for instantaneous answers for the questions that they have.

Needless to say, with such positioning, Google is poised to make a substantial sum from their “call-only” approach, and advertisers and mobile customers are standing by for a seamless mobile interaction that puts the people they need to talk to directly on the phone.

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