Can Your SMB Benefit From Pay Per Call?

As a small business owner, you have several marketing tools at your disposal to help reach local consumers. Most small businesses rely in large part on local consumers for revenue. Your marketing budget most likely isn’t big enough to reach a national audience, so it’s important to market your brand effectively to a local market. As a small business, do you think Pay Per Call can benefit your brand?

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Why Pay Per Call?

When you have the option to spend your marketing dollars on email marketing, social media marketing, or even direct mailers, what is it about Pay Per Call that is different? Well, unlike the other verticals, Pay Per Call is uniquely placed to take advantage of the fact that millions of Americans are carrying a small computer in their pockets capable of connecting them to your business in a flash with click-to-call functionality.

Pay Per Call campaigns are ideally suited to take advantage of growing smartphone market penetration and usage. Consider the following statistics:

  • The average mobile user spends 4 hours each day on their smartphone

  • 52.2% of all web traffic around the world starts on mobile phones

  • By 2021, an estimated $1.4 trillion in local sales will be influenced by mobile devices

  • 65% of people use a mobile phone during the moment of purchase

Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices. Using those devices, they are seeking out local services and product providers. This makes Pay Per Call the preeminent option to help your small business grab the attention of customers and engage with them on the phone to solve their needs/pain points. The question now becomes, what are the benefits for your business?

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5 Important Benefits of Pay Per Call

Even in some of the smallest niches, there is going to be competition facing your brand. This is one of the first, and most important, benefits of Pay Per Call. Adding click-to-call buttons (or simply placing your number in content) can help your brand better compete in a crowded niche. Ads with a phone number are more appealing to customers and easier to engage with. After all, it just takes a click to connect with your company.

Another important benefit of Pay Per Call for SMBs is the ability to focus intently on your local consumer base. Many auto repair shops and locksmiths, for example, tend to serve a small geographic location. Even if you operate a locksmith business in a major metro area, you may want to focus on a particular region of the metro rather than running all over town unlocking doors. Pay Per Call lets you use geo-targeting to ensure that your ads and content are viewed by consumers in the specific areas you want to serve. If that doesn’t seem important, think of how many consumers you could serve in a day in your smaller region compared to running back and forth across a larger metro area in the same day.

These are two important benefits of Pay Per Call for SMBs, but they aren’t the only benefits. Below, you’ll find three more benefits worthy of consideration:

  • You’ll save time: working with a consumer on the phone, rather than exchanging emails or answering lead forms, is a quicker way to discover their pain point and offer a solution through your service/product.

  • You’ll save money: with saved time, you’ll save money as well. Brand spend less time serving consumers over the phone because they can get to the bottom of the issue faster. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also generate greater revenue as you help more consumers quicker.

  • You offer immediate services: consumers locked out of their home or with a dead car battery need an immediate resolution to their issue. They don’t have time for lead forms and blog posts. Pay Per Call lets you reach these customers quickly in their moment of need.

If you haven’t adopted Pay Per Call yet, it might be time to take a closer look at what it could do for your small business.

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